The Spits

Hello again. We continue our best of 2009 series with punks The Spits for their record Vol. IV.

In 2009, garage punk was amazing. In a year with new releases by Jack O., the Black Lips, Jay Reatard and King Khan, my best of the year list was flooded by the genre. One of the best albums in the bunch was Vol. IV, a brilliant study in sloppy, incredible punk rock.

The Spits’ Vol. IV was easily one of the albums I returned to the most in 2009. The Seattle punks made a record that was integral to their sound: loud, fast, and dirty as hell. It’s probably the closest thing to the Ramones’ self-titled that 2009 got. My one complaint? I still haven’t found a copy of their cover of “Pain” from the punk episode of “C.H.I.P.S.”

The Spits – “Police” (from Vol. IV)

Here’s what the band said about their list: “So the Spits have been touring around the country in our RV a fair amount lately, and here are some of the songs that have been getting a lot of mileage.”

five tunes

1) The Oakridge Boys – “Elvira” (from Gold) – “‘Oom-bapa Oom-bapa Oom-bapa Mow Mow!’ Seriously. What else do ya need?”

2) Pretty much the entire Randy Newman catalog – “No one can talk-sing a song like the maestro. When we play Randy in the RV, there is no chit-chat. Everyone just sits and listens and looks out the window.”

3) Poison – “Talk Dirty to Me” (from Look What The Cat Dragged In) – “This one is the postshow backstage anthem. No other songs gets chicks  shrieking and throwing their underwear around the room like this one. Break out the wine coolers and let the good times roll! It worked when we were teens in Allegan, and it still works today.”

4) Grand Funk Railroad – “We’re An American Band” (from We’re An American Band) – “‘We’re coming to your town, we’re gonna party down…’ Sound like someone you know?”

5) James Brown – “I Feel Good” (from I Feel Good And Other Hits, Live!) – “This is just a great sing-along when you’re hanging with your bros. When you actually feel good and you wanna get your funk on after, say, having a great meal at Hooters…this is the tune you wanna hear.”

The Spits – Lala | Insound


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  1. that chips song is on their new(ish) 7″ on slovenly records ( – also an awesome record!

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