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The book Please Kill Me documents the Ramones’ first trip to England. Bands greeted them with a “tougher-than-thou” poise, thinking that the Ramones were in a real-life gang. Of course, they were just a bunch of dudes from New York and New Jersey who played loud, fast, simple rock ‘n’ roll, but the leather jackets, album art and stage presence gave it an entirely different feeling to the people overseas.

Home Blitz give off the exact same feeling. You don’t want to fuck with Daniel DiMaggio and his crew of DIY Jersey punks (from what I hear, the possibly temporary 15-year-old drummer is even quite the badass).

However, just like you can hear the Ramones’ roots in surf music, you can hear Home Blitz roots in more melodic rock ‘n’ roll, like Big Star, especially on the new album Out of Phase. That’s not to say that the new record loses the sloshy, home recorded feeling of their first album. It just occasionally surprises with Alex Chilton’s sophistication after a slack-jawed punk attack.

Home Blitz – “Don’t Talk To Me” (from Out of Phase)

Here’s five from DiMaggio.

five tunes

1) Christian Death – “Spiritual Cramp” (from Only Theatre of Pain) – “A wonderful song from their first album Only Theatre Of Pain. One reason I like this band is that it’s hard to figure out from the voice if singer Rozz Williams is a guy or a girl (pretty sure he’s a guy but I don’t like to think about it). This song has great lyrics like ‘walking on water in a sea of incest/I’ve got the image of Jesus embedded in my chest/I can’t leave home without my bullet-proof vest.'”

2) The Sidewinders – “Got You Down” (from Sidewinders) – “The Sidewinders were an early vehicle for Paley Bro Andy who would go on to make far more tepid records in the later ’70s, produce Brian Wilson, and do other dumb stuff. This song, from their self titled sole album, is unremittingly straight ahead street rock, like normal dudes trying to play Loaded. Totally great ultimate regular-guy sidewalk music. The lyrics to this song hit home for me in a kind of uncomfortable way but I’m still real into it.”

3) Game Theory – White Blues (from Blaze Of Glory) – “The punkest song (not saying much) from the greatest band ever, Game Theory. I listened to this song a bunch of times a day for a while.  So intense. From their first and by far rarest LP Blaze Of Glory, which showcases some of the most atrocious mixing in the history of records and it totally doesn’t matter.”

4) Sublime – “STP” (from Robbin’ The Hood) – “Sublime are one of my favorite bands and the biggest dirtbags to ever get famous (check out the Stories, Tales, Lies & Exaggerations documentary on YouTube). This amazing song is about living in a meth pad and comes to us from their difficult second album Robbin’ The Hood.”

5) Lady Gaga – “Just Dance” (from The Fame)“Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta’s adlibs during the first two bars of this song make me happier than anything in a really long time, and the first two verses are almost as great, before the whole thing flames out hard with a third verse of sub-Flo-Rida guido sing-rapping from Colby O’Donis. It’s also cool that some of the stuff LG sings in this song, both in the chorus and in the doubletracked staggered talking part at the end, is straight up gibberish, as borne out by the included lyric booklet. Her album The Fame has a bunch of great songs, especially ‘Summer Boy,’ a ‘Dancing Queen’-esque disco rocker with complicated chords (I watched some youtube vids of Colby O’Donis and it turns out that he isn’t actually a guido, but is instead a polite Hispanic boy).”

Home Blitz – Insound | iTunes | Midheaven


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