The King Khan & BBQ Show

And here we are, list #100. We seriously can’t think of a better band to ring it in with than one of our favorite bands of the year/decade/ever.

The King Khan & BBQ Show are a gift from the psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll heavens. King Khan is our Little Richard and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Mark Sultan (BBQ) is our Del Shannon and Reg Presley. They’re both punk as shit and can still croon and clap like The Crystals.

And their new album Invisible Girl? Incredible. There’s the finger snapping “all in good fun-turned-massacre” song “Spin The Bottle,” there’s the hilarious and barn stompin’ “Animal Party,” and of course, there’s “Tastebuds,” a catchy song about having the ability to taste by using…ahem…sexual organs. It’s one of our favorite albums of the year. Easily.

The King Khan & BBQ Show – “Invisible Girl” (from Invisible Girl)

Tonight, (Dec. 2), The King Khan & BBQ Show will be at the Logan Square Auditorium. If you haven’t bought Invisible Girl yet, get out there and do so. Happy 100, everybody. Here’s a list from King Khan & BBQ.

five tunes

1) Queen & David Bowie – “Under Pressure” (single) – “We started opening our shows with this song recently … it is truly an amazing song … behind the moustache is gold and rabbit teeth.”

2) The Falcons – “Oh Baby” – “The vocals make our spines tingle absolutely essential R&B … take heed Kanye!!!!!”

3) Arkansas Dave – “Arkansas Dave” – “A tale of the demise of Arkansas Dave by the hands of Arkansas Dave sung by Arkansas Dave … you do the math!”

(Ed. note: Couldn’t find “Arkansas Dave” by Arkansas Dave, so instead, here are two other songs involving “Arkansas Dave.” First, “Arkansas Dave” by George Strait, and second, an amateur Machinima video of “The Ballad of Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh” by Pat Green. Enjoy!)

4) Nobunny“Chuck Berry Holiday” (from Love Visions) – “Our fuzzy brother from Oakland strikes again … you can hear the pee pee in his pants … and I don’t mean Chuck!”

5) Bloodshot Bill – “Lickin’ the Bowl” (from Full Blast) – “Our brother from Montreal sings a song about our favorite past time…”

The King Khan & BBQ Show – Insound | Permanent | Lala

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