For the longest time, I wanted to hear a party song. A song like “Psycho” by The Sonics or “Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio” by the Ramones that chugs at the beginning and builds with a grizzly voice and a snarl. A song that said, “I’m ready to drink, dance, and start a fight if things get out of hand.”

Well Shark? from Brooklyn have made that song. It’s called “I’m An Animal,” and it’s exactly the antidote for anybody with a handle of whiskey and a pool cue. When it comes to garage rock that rivals the Troggs, the McCoys, the Monks and the other fallen heroes of that time, Shark? makes a pretty amazing case with a song like “I’m An Animal.”

Shark? – “I’m An Animal” (single)

Here’s list #99 from Kevin Diamond.

five tunes

1) Real Estate – “Suburban Beverage” – “Duh. Everyone likes this song. I think Real Estate is like my generation’s Yo La Tengo. I mean, they’re both from New Jersey. And they both write amazing songs. That’s enough for a comparison.”

2) Mario – “Break Up” (from D.N.A.) – “I work in a food service truck, and I listen to the radio a lot in there. This song is always on and it is always stuck in my head afterward. I think the production on this track is perfect, the hook is repetitive and catchy. That’s all I ever want.”

3) The Intelligence – “Thank You God For Fixing The Tape Machine” (from Fake Surfers) – “I don’t really know much about The Intelligence. Someone just told me one of the members was in the A Frames, who I also like a lot. The guitar tone on this song is to die for. If I could make my guitar sound like that on my recordings i’d be in heaven.”

4) Ghostface Killah – “Yolanda’s House” (from Big Doe Rehab) – “I think this is one of the best rap songs of the last few years. Method Man’s verse cracks me up every time. I love how vivid the story is in this song. It reminds me of those games where everyone writes a part of a story and hands it off to the next person to finish it.”

5) Talking Heads – “Girlfriend is Better” (from Stop Making Sense) – “I only put this on here because I played it last night while DJing at a Halloween party and the room lost it. Everybody was singing along, and I realized it was pretty much a perfect song. Talking Heads transcend all boundaries.”

Shark? – self-release


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