Wheels On Fire

We’re back with part 3 of 4 in Trouble In Mind week. This week, we’ve got lists from all four bands who released 45s on Chicago’s Trouble In Mind label. Today, it’s Wheels On Fire!

This is a band that deserves a mountain of recognition. With vocals that are reminiscent of Gentleman Jesse‘s songwriting/guitar work that hearkens back to Ray Davies, the Athens, Ohio band is solid. It’s straightforward rock ‘n’ roll.

Their Trouble In Mind single “Bad Lie” has that CoCoComa sense of heartache and ’60s garage. “Come On Judy” has a similar tone, but the rhythm has an odd, slowed down feeling of that old Bo Diddley beat. I’ve been to Athens, Ohio, but I had no idea the town had produced a band this good.

Wheels On Fire – “Bad Lie” (7″)

And now, a list!

five tunes

1) Jack-O and The Tennessee Tearjerkers – “Sweet Thang” (from The Disco Outlaw) – “It’s a perfect rock ‘n’ roll song. A workout! Jack’s songs keep getting better.”

2) Brimstone Howl – “Final Dispatch” (from Big Deal. What’s He Done Lately?)- “This song has a great hook … a real slow roller. Kinda works its way inside ya.”

3) Box Elders“Stay” (from Alice And Friends) – “Really nice keyboard sounds on this whole record … this song is especially catchy.”

4) Wizzard – “See My Baby Jive” (from Wizzard Brew) – “Roy Wood’s band after ELO.  This song’s amazing when you hear it for the first time.  It’s got a real ‘wall of sound’ thing going on.”

5) Jail – “There’s No Sky (Oh My My)” (from There’s No Sky (Oh My My)) – “Off our favorite new album! We listen to it all the time when we’re driving… it makes us happy.”

Wheels On Fire – Trouble In Mind | Insound


2 responses to “Wheels On Fire

  1. This band seems really rad. Why did you draw sweet drawings of all the other bands and not this one?

  2. They were sweet weren’t they?

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