Ty Segall

Welcome to the fourth and final post of Trouble In Mind week. This week, we’ve been featuring lists from the four bands who have just released 7″s on Chicago’s own Trouble In Mind Records. To finish us off, it’s Ty Segall.

On his work on Goner Records and his other recordings, Ty Segall has proved to be a prolific garage rock songwriter and performer. His record Lemons is definitely a highlight of the year in garage rock. And while the A-side of his new 45 keeps that flow, his B-side on the Trouble In Mind 7″ takes a sharp turn in a weird direction.

His single “Fuzzy Cat” starts out by being repetitive and really, really strange. It would fit in well on We’re Only In It For The Money by The Mothers or any B-sides compilation by Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band (or, as he lists below, The Soft Machine). But then the second half of the song becomes this Stooges or Groupies-like rampage of garage punk. It’s awesome.

Ty Segall – “Fuzzy Cat” (7″)

Buy this single. Seriously. Here’s Ty’s list.

five tunes

1)  The Soft Machine – “Save Yourself” (from The Soft Machine) – “This band is my all-time favorite psych band. Everything about this band is great. Except for their later records. Volumes one and two by The Soft Machine are 100 percent ESSENTIAL! The keys on this track rule.”

2) Jacques Dutronc – “Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi” (from Les essentiels) – “Mr. Jacques Dutronc is the sexiest French playboy pop star of all time. This song rules. His dance moves rule. Yes … Damn.”

3) Void – “Who Are You?” (from Faith / Void) – “The most insane.”

4) Black Sabbath – “Sabbra Cadabra” (from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) – “Best Band Ever.”

5) The Fall – “Your Heart Out” (from Dragnet) – “I love this record. I love this band.”

Ty Segall – Trouble In Mind | Insound | Lala


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