Charlie & The Moonhearts

Watch out, kids! It’s Trouble In Mind week! We’re featuring lists from all four bands with brand new 7″s on Chicago’s Trouble In Mind label.

If Charlie & The Moonhearts wanted, they could’ve recorded “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” by Paul Revere & The Raiders. They could’ve recorded a killer version of “Nobody But Me” by The Human Beinz. But they aren’t just going to rest on their laurels as being one of today’s great Nuggets yielding rock ‘n’ roll garage lords. That’s evident in their new 7″ on Trouble In Mind.

Both “Real Hot Breakers” and “My Love Is Gone” are songs worthy of a spontaneous fight scene and/or dance sequence in a ’50s popcorn movie. Incredible stuff.

Charlie & The Moonhearts – “Real Hot Breakers” (7″)

You really should buy this 7″. Here’s five from Mikal and Charlie.

five tunes

1) The Baths – “Be Afraid Of Me” (7″) – “Kind of newish group from San Francisco. Share most of their members with the Tea Elles, who also rule. Really great band, I love it. Dark, anxious and unhappy sounding but it cheers me up. I donno. Buy their 7″.” – Mikal

2) The Spits – “Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya” (from Vol. IV) – “It’s the Spits. Their newest record blew/blows my mind as a whole, and this song slays especially hard. Poppy weird Spits style with the fist-pumping, pogo-slamming, heart-stomping drive.” – Charlie

3) The Troggs – “Anyway That You Want Me” (from 20th Century Masters) – “I like the simplicity of the chord progression in the verse, then the vocal line and how the drums pound on the downbeat in the chorus. It’s great and it’s been looping in my head a lot these days.” – Mikal

4) Long Legged Woman – “Yours is Mine” – “This song is super heavy while simultaneously being insanely catchy. Long Legged Woman was one of my favorite contemporary bands. Those dudes rule really hard AND make good music AND are really rad people. Simplicity is key and this song proves it.” – Charlie

5) Thee Oh Sees – “We Are Free” (from Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion) – “Amazing song… simple and catchy and builds into something intense and beautiful. I hear so much more instrumentation than what’s actually going on (guitar, electronics, floor tom and tambourine)… something huge and
all-consuming…. a big orchestra distorted through guitar amps. I listened to this while falling asleep recently and had a apocalyptic flying dream.” – Mikal

Charlie & The Moonhearts – Trouble In Mind | Insound | Lala


2 responses to “Charlie & The Moonhearts

  1. Charlie and the Moonhearts = A drinkin’ good time! Buy everything they make.

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