Marissa Nadler

Wikipedia refers to Marissa Nadler as a “dream-folk” artist. I don’t know where that attribution came from, but it kind of makes me mad because of how perfect it is. Where does Wikipedia get off making such brief and apt descriptions? It makes us bloggers look bad. But alas, I can’t think of a more perfect way to describe Nadler’s music.

Nadler’s music is dark, airy, and it dances with ambient music. It is from a dream, if your dreams are tinged with country music. She’s got one of those voices that you hear at the other end of the woods, and you feel compelled to follow it to safety. I honestly can’t think of another singer with such a legitimate siren’s song. It’s soothing and comforting.

Plus, she’s really pretty.

Marissa Nadler – “Mistress” (from Little Hells)

Marissa will be at Schubas tomorrow night (Nov. 17) with Alela Diane and The Singleman Affair. Here’s her list.

five tunes

1) Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – “Jusqu’ ce que la force de t’aime” – “I think this is an absolutely breathtaking vocal performance. Her singing is incredibly moving and there are no words I can really find to say what I feel when hearing her sing.”

2) Selda Bağcan – “ADALETİN BUMU DÜNYA” – “Also an incredible vocal performance from this once-banned Turskish singer.”

3) Sammi Smith – “Saunders Ferry Lane” (from Help Me Make It Through The Night) – “I think this is a heartbreaking song about a woman’s loss and loneliness. Musically, I love everything about this song, and I like how understated and somber her vocals are in an age where overdone vocal acrobatics are commonplace.  My dear friend James has introduced me these past couple years to a number of more obscure country singers and they have really influenced my singing style of late.”

4) Billie Holiday – “Gloomy Sunday” (from I Like Jazz) – “I love Billie’s version of ‘the Hungarian Suicide song.'”

5) The Byrds – “Hickory Wind” (from Sweetheart at the Rodeo) – “With Gram Parsons.”

Marissa Nadler – Insound | Lala | Permanent


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