Teenage Cool Kids

teenagecoolkidsClose to the beginning of the creation of this site, we featured a list from one of the great new bands of the year, Fergus & Geronimo. Since then, the band has become a huge favorite of ours. But Andrew Savage of Fergus & Geronimo deserves credit for much more than being one-half of that great band. He’s also part of another incredible Texas group: Teenage Cool Kids.

It’s not easy to describe the garage rock intricacies of Teenage Cool Kids, but the song “Foreign Lands” is one of the best songs of the year. There’s a layer of darkness that lies beneath the sunshiny pop surface. And besides Andrew’s always-great vocals, the back-up vocals make it a perfect song for those Texas days where you walk outside and it seems like there’s no weather—no wind, no rain, and a few clouds. We don’t get those in Chicago, but they’re nice to imagine.

Teenage Cool Kids – “Foreign Lands” (from Foreign Lands)

Buy Foreign Lands today. Seriously. Here’s their list.

five tunes

1) Snake Flower 2 – “Flight of the Navigator” (from Renegade Daydream) – “This song makes me feel like I’m on the set of Easy Rider driving into the sunset.  What usually happens is I’ll put this record on in the morning to get myself pumped about the day to come.  This song works without fail.  Great album as well.  We were fortunate enough to play the Bare Wires release show (Matt’s new band) in San Francisco, and it was totally awesome.” – Andrew Savage

2) Woods – “Twisted Tongue” (from Woods Family Creeps) – “Sometimes it’s really nice to hear a song that’s just exactly right — the perfect little pop ditty. To me, this song is just that. It starts with a droning note that runs through the whole song, rises and then hooks you with that ‘Twist-ed To-u-u-ungue!’ Oh, it’s just right! It also serves as a nice complement to Woods’ more jam-ridden, psychedelic sounds (not that it’s a bad thing). I appreciate a good mix of sweet & salty, like kettle corn. Yum.” – Bradley Kerl

3) Fucked Up – “Invisible Leader” (from Hidden World) – “As a huge fan of straight forward rockin’ punk, this anthem gets my blood pumping. It is one small piece of the epic punk masterpiece Hidden World, which may be my favorite modern hardcore album. This gets me so hyped that even cleaning my room or doing other mundane chores while listening turns into some serious bedroom mosh.” – Chris Pickering

4) Television – “Marquee Moon” (from Marquee Moon) – “Yeah, it’s the title track of the album, get over it. The song’s seven minutes of the pretty much the best shit you’ve ever heard. The vocals are spot on, the main riff is fucking catchy, seriously, swine flu infectious. The guitar solos are all great, there’s even individual credit given to the guitarist that did each solo in the LP liner notes. Somebody’s proud of their shred. Plus, every time you think the song’s over, it comes back in the most perfect way. Throw this on a jukebox and get your money’s worth.” – Daniel Zeigler

5) Purple Nurple – “I’m On My Way” – “A few years ago, two of our good friends were bored and looking up random band names on MySpace. After typing the phrase “Purple Nurple” into the search prompt, they soon discovered one of the greatest musical gems that nobody has ever heard, ‘I’m On My Way.’ Purple Nurple are from Sweden and play straightforward American rock. We all got a kick out of the fact that they had 0 friends on MySpace and hadn’t logged back in since registering. Obviously, our attempts to reach them went unanswered and eventually their profile got deleted. Luckily, we downloaded the two tracks available and still have them to enjoy to this day. ‘I’m On My Way’ is the ultimate feel good summer campfire sing-a-long party jam.” – Andrew, Bradley, Chris, Daniel

Teenage Cool Kids – Insound | Goner


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