That Ghost

thatghostThink about all the bands you know with names that are really appropriate (no, not like Santana or Van Halen – the ones that say something about the sound). There are the big obvious ones, like Iron Maiden or The Beach Boys, and the more subtle ones, like Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. That Ghost falls into the subtle category of appropriate names.

That Ghost is an eerie and lovelorn project by Ryan Schmale. The music could feasibly soundtrack a film where a ghost goes after its unfinished business (and no, not that ghost). Schmale is a master at establishing a meeting point for freak folk, ambient and dreamy pop. It’s the gorgeous stuff indie crushes are made of.

That Ghost – “Never Have Fun” (from the forthcoming 7″)

The “Never Have Fun” 7″ will be out via Transparent soon. Here’s five from Ryan.

five tunes

1) Cab Calloway – “Yaller” (from The Early Years 1930-1934) – “The horrible quality of the recording, and in particular the vocals, makes the song great. That era of Jazz and Blues recordings has always appealed to me ever since I was in my early teens. The exaggerated and dark tone of the vocals and arrangements in the song really gets me too.”

2) Artie Shaw – “Nightmare” (from 20 Best of Artie Shaw) – “‘Nightmare’ is a very unique Artie Shaw song. Probably one of his darkest sounding recordings.”

3) Sibylle Baier – “The End” (from Colour Green) – “Sibylle Baier, in my opinion, has the most beautiful voice I have heard. The song ‘The End’ is a near perfect sad and simplistic song. She has been a huge influence of mine since her Colour Green record came out. Every song is great.”

4) Johnny Cash – “There You Go” (from The Sun Years) – “Out of all of Johnny Cash’s songs, ‘Don’t Take Your Guns To Town’ has always seemed so different from his other work. It always stood out.”

5) Carl Perkins – “Movie Magg” (from The Dance Album) – “Carl Perkins makes great rock and roll music and this song in particular I have always played a lot. The lyrics are also pretty fun.”

That Ghost – Pure Groove | Insound


2 responses to “That Ghost

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  2. That Ghost– “It’s the gorgeous stuff indie crushes are made of.”

    I second that thought, wholeheartedly. I think it sums up why I have loved Ryan’s music for the past couple of years.

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