Joe Lally

joelallyIn regards to concerts, almost everybody has the one that got away. The concert that they really wanted to see, but it sold out before they could get tickets or they got sick right at the last moment. One of those for me happened a few years ago when the legendary Fugazi came to my hometown, Huntington, W.Va. It was an unprecedented show, as the only cool bands who came around at the time were them and The Lost Sounds. Other than that, it was terrible metal and ’80s arena rock.

The show sold out right away. I think my friends and I went and saw Blade II instead. It was totally disappointing. Fugazi went on hiatus shortly afterward.

But members of the band are still active out in the world, and that includes Joe Lally. Lally was the bassist for Fugazi and his solo work is still amazing. It’s not as  aggressive Fugazi’s old work, but it still moves like and feels like a Fugazi song (especially when you listen to those bass runs). Lally’s solo work is a maturation of the Fugazi sound—it sounds older and wiser (and hauntingly funky).

Joe Lally – “Tonight at Ten” (from Nothing is Underrated)

Joe Lally is currently touring Europe. He came through Chicago over the summer. Of course, I had to miss the show. Here’s his list.

five tunes

1) Nina Simone – “Aint Got No, I Got Life” (from My Way) – “Nina takes any cover and makes it a song of her own. From the soundtrack of Hair which I am not that familiar with, she turns this song into a call to arms for the disenfranchised.”

2) Lungfish – “Tick Tock” (from Indivisible) – “The song that should have been on the kids DVD series Pancake Mountain. To the point and lots of power, what Lungfish does best.”

3) Sun Ra – “Cogitation” (from Monorails and Satellites) – “Just great piano playing. There are more Sun Ra albums than I can possibly know.”

4) Jimi Hendrix – “Villanova Junction Blues” (from Live at Woodstock) – “My favorite is live from Woodstock but there are few studio bootlegs with the Band of Gypsies line-up also.”

5) Spaceways Incorporated – “Trash A-Go-Go” (from 13 Cosmic Standards) – “My favorite drummer Hamid Drake doing Sun Ra and Funkadelic covers with Ken Vandermark and Nate McBride (sax and bass). It’s ultra-heavy, I like it.”

Joe Lally – Insound | iTunes


One response to “Joe Lally

  1. god damn, Band of Gypsies are the greatest thing that ever happened to popular music.

    Nina Simone is amazing too.

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