The Smith Westerns


Lo-fi rock ‘n’ roll is so early 2009. Throughout this year, music blogs, sites, magazines, and everybody else have been swooning over the tons of bands who cover their sound in reverb and bury it with murky, unintelligible vocals. After a certain point, it takes a lot of effort to wade through the hype to find something truly great.

Finding a copy of The Smith Westerns‘ s/t debut was exactly the relief I needed after a couple months of being a lo-fi burnout. “Be My Girl” is more Marc Bolan than Wavves. “Gimme Some Time” is more surf pop than punk rock. And “Tonight” is one of the best pop songs of the year. Those guys know how to write a love song, a garage pop song, and they’re teenagers from Chicago. And total badasses.

The Smith Westerns – “Gimme Some Time” (from Smith Westerns)

The Smith Westerns will be at Lincoln Hall tonight with Neon Indian. Here’s five from the band’s Cullen Omori.

five tunes

1) Gwen Stefani – “Cool” (from Love, Angel, Music, Baby) – “At first it was ‘Don’t Speak’ and then it was ‘It’s My Life’ but I think ‘Cool’ definitely has something going on. Lady GaGa, Keri Hilson, Fergie, and even Beyonce pale in comparison to Gwen.”

2) Len – “Steal My Sunshine” (from the soundtrack to Zack and Miri Make a Porno) – “Real catchy and 90’s. I think if I ever listened to an entire Len album it would suck but this song is the jam.”

3) Coldplay – “Yellow” (from Parachutes) – “I think this was when Chris Martin was still ‘real.’ Somewhere before he got a ‘bohemian’ movie star wife and sang choruses on Kanye songs. I watched the music video for this song when I was getting ready for grade school.”

4) Brian Eno – “Here Come the Warm Jets” (from Here Come The Warm Jets) – “Can’t think of a better song for some fat, loser record nerd to toke mad bowls to other than this song.”

5) Ramones – “Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?” (from End Of The Century) – “The jam of ’09.”

The Smith WesternsPermanent Records | Insound | Lala


4 responses to “The Smith Westerns

  1. Steal My Sunshine!? Talk about throwback.

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  3. The entire LEN album is amazing. No I’m joking it’s really bad. A friend of mine always plays it, though. I’m afraid to tell him how bad it is.

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