The Yolks

theyolksYou know that lazy Iggy Pop way of singing? It’s oddly bluesy, distinctly Midwestern, melodic, and mysteriously badass? The Yolks definitely have it on “Jane” from their debut full-length The Yolks. Slap on some Ramones or Sonics-style instrumentals and “California Sun” cheeriness and you’ve got garage delight.

The Yolks yields an awesome set of influences. They’ve got that same soul and blues influence that you could hear in the early Stones, not to mention the rockabilly and ’60s garage influence. The Yolks follow a long-held American tradition of no frills love songs and reverb. It’s awesome stuff.

The Yolks – “Jane” (from The Yolks)

The Chicago band is just one of three awesome reasons to get yourself to the Empty Bottle tonight (Oct. 21). They’re joining the incredible Sonic Chicken 4 and another incredible local band, CoCoComa (whose new full-length is out as of yesterday). Here’s five from the band.

five tunes

1) Sneaky Pinks – “I Can’t Wait” – “Possibly my favorite song released in the next five years. The shortest, dumbest, catchiest song I have ever heard, with perfectly perverted lyrics, and a killer bass line that really seals the deal.” – Nathan

2) Lovations – “Later Baby” – “This song is a Chicago soul rarity. I chose it because of the opening drum break. I also like the harmonies that are sung very soulfully. And although, the lyrics are very heartfelt. I think it is nice that it’s an uptempo dance song—as opposed to a ballad.” – Aaron

3) Bobby Long and His Satellites – “Mojo Workout” – This is my go to track if I’m DJing and I want to get the party started. There is nothing I love more than a good R&B track, and this one is the best. Great harmonizing vocals, and the drums on this track are sweet, especially during the call-and-response breakdown.” – Nathan

4) Delegates of Soul – “I’ll Come Running Back” (from The Uplook Records Story) – “Chick boom boom bap chick boom bap. The opening drum break of this song takes me to a happy place. The bass, harmonies, horn lines, and soul dripping lyrics are all icing on the cake.” – Aaron

5) Gino Washington – “Gino is a Coward” (from Out of This World) – “If there’s one thing I love, it’s blowjobs. If there’s two things I love it’s blowees and Detroit soul. How good are the handclaps on this track?” – Spike

The Yolks – Permanent Records | Insound


One response to “The Yolks

  1. SUPER into the Yolks song up there. Definitely going to check them out.

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