crocodilesWhen talking about Crocodiles‘ breakout single “I Wanna Kill,” John Norris of Noisevox (and MTV News) called the song “one of the great tunes of 2009.” He’s absolutely right. The San Diego band’s single from the Fat Possum-released Summer Of Hate is slippery, warped, and filled to the brim with New Wave romance. It’s the kind of music that’s become rare in the past decade, but the album fills a catchy New Wave void that’s been open since the late ’80s.

The most frequent comparison to their sound has been “The Jesus & Mary Chain meets The Velvet Underground.” But honestly, it’s hard to see the comparison. Sure, there’s a big Jesus & Mary Chain influence, but they’re far from being mindless sound-alikes. It takes an amazing writer to come up with the jagged-but-lovely songs on Summer Of Hate.

Crocodiles – “I Wanna Kill” (from Summer of Hate)

The Crocs will be joining The Horrors at the Double Door tonight (Oct. 11). Here’s a list from Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez.

five tunes

1) Phyllis Dillon – “Leave It In The Hands Of Love” (single) – “This song reminds me of my girlfriend. She is a beautiful singer, and we both love reggae. She lives far away in England, and whenever I really miss her I put this song on and cry into whatever alcoholic drink I may have in my hand.” – Charles Rowell

2) Bo Diddley – “Somewhere” (from Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger) – “Bo really shreds. He is a gunslinger, you know? This is not one of his traditional shuffle hits. It’s slow and sexy and kind of sad. Am I depressed?” – Charles Rowell

3) The Kids – “Fascist Cops” (from The Kids) – “The Kids were a first wave punk band from Belgium. Something about them seems really pure and honest – like they knew they were so far away from London and New York that they didn’t regard their music in careerist terms.” – Brandon Welchez

4) Vicious Ginks – “Cat Call” – “A great, lost treasure of San Diego music. I missed this band by a few years – I wasn’t aware of them until they had already broken up. They were from the same boring shithole suburb I was from but they were probably around 10 years older than me. I can’t find any footage of them but I hear their shows were wild! The singer allegedly would pull switchblades on the crowd. Bummed I never got the see them.” – Brandon Welchez

5) John Holt – “Reggae From The Ghetto” – “This is probably the best melody written, ever. This song is so alive! And the lyrics are so proud and defiant: ‘Reggae from the ghetto to the top of the pops, reggae from the ghetto, it just don’t stop.’ It’s rad that this impoverished little island in the Caribbean affected music so hugely.” – Brandon Welchez

Crocodiles – Permanent Records | Insound | Lala


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