desktoptwoIn high school, a friend of mine played a character called “Rave Man” at parties. Essentially, it was his excuse to wear goggles, spike up his hair, wear a giant T-shirt and a metal necklace while swinging around glow sticks while playing “Sandstorm.” Although it was a joke, I’m pretty sure he secretly loved overblown techno music. There’s a small part of me that wants to track that guy down and give him a copy of the Desktop self-titled EP.

The Ann Arbor and Detroit-based electronic duo is an amazing alternative to those headache-inducing techno compilations of the late ’90s. The group’s combination of pop vocals, New Wave chord progressions and awesome beats are awesome for partying. Keith Thompson (of Electric Six) and Zach Curd (of The Pop Project) have a good grip on the art of making people dance.

Desktop – “Fired Up” (from Desktop)

The EP is out now. Here’s their five.

five tunes

1) Lansing-Dreiden – “I Disappear” (from Tri) – “I’m probably a little too into Lansing-Dreiden. This song takes me to a happy place. I’m a sucker for the synths and vocals in this tune.” – Keith Thompson

2) Mr. Hudson – “Anyone But Him (Ft. Kanye West)” (from Straight No Chaser) – “I’m not normally a huge ‘lyrics guy,’ but they are so direct on this song that I noticed! Not sure if that makes them good lyrics or not, though. I love the Auto-Tune and the super subtle dub elements, and having Sgt. West is in the building can’t hurt either.” – Zach Curd

3) O’Spada – “Time” (from Time EP) – “Everything about this song is insane. I’m mostly floored over the bass part. He shows some crazy mad restraint in that it seems like he’s not-playing more than he’s playing. That kind of thing is totally the best.” – Zach Curd

4) Phaseone – “Love Test (Only)” (from Thanks But No Thanks) – “I love this song for a few reasons. When I listen to it, I close my eyes and see images of myself as a gangster. Because I love the sounds and samples in the song so much, I don’t pay attention to the song structure. I like that the song impacts me in these different ways.” – Keith Thompson

5) Zoos Of Berlin – “Water Town” (from Taxis) – “The vocals don’t enter right away. So once they do, I’m really paying attention. And the overall mix of genres in this one tune interests me.” – Keith Thompson

Desktop – iTunes | Lala


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