Fungi Girls

fungigirlsTurn the volume up? Check. Make the neighbors angry? Check. Play air guitar? Check. That’s a list of things that have all just happened as a result of listening to Fungi Girls‘ “Pacifica Nostalgia.”

Denton, Tex.’s Fungi Girls are at the helm of a sort of rock ‘n’ roll that sounds like it’s charging over a landscape far, far away. Some of it is serene, but there’s plenty of reverb attack to compensate for any calmness the music possesses. More impressively, though, is how the beat remains consistently funky and dance-worthy while perfectly complementing a series of loud, heavy power chords. It’s really great stuff.

Oh, and like Girls, this is a band of boys. Don’t be fooled.

Fungi Girls – “Pacifica Nostalgia” (from Seafaring Pyramids)

Their album Seafaring Pyramids was recorded by Jason Kelly (of Fergus & Geronimo) earlier this year. You can get it on CD now or on vinyl at some point in late September or early October. Here’s a list.

five tunes

1) Newport Nomads – “Blue Mallard” – “Surf doesn’t get much better than this. Awesome guitar work, warm, old production; crazy sax, and great drumming.” – Skyler Salinas

2) 13th Floor Elevators – “May The Circle Remain Unbroken” (from Bull Of The Woods) – “One of the most psychedelic recordings from the ’60s and one of the only songs from the ’60s that I’ve heard that has used an excessive amount of delay and reverb. Such a gorgeous and eerie song.” – Skyler Salinas

3) The Strange Boys – “Thinking Of A Name” (from Son Of Sambol) – “My favorite of theirs. This song was on some old CD-R release of theirs called Son Of Sambol. It’s a shame they didn’t put it on their album. Very raunchy, rough, fast, and overall crazy sounding compared to their recent stuff.” – Skyler Salinas

4) Best Coast – “Sun Was High (So Was I)” – “This song just gives me a such a good feeling inside. It’s like, every time I listen to it, it just makes me happy and give me good vibes all around. In addition to that, it’s really catchy!” – Jacob Bruce

5) Ty Segall – “Can’t Talk” (from Lemons) – “It’s such an awesome song. It makes me want to get a bunch of my friends together and go skate around town or something!” – Jacob Bruce

Fungi Girls – Play Pinball! Records


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