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I’ll admit that our intentions in starting this blog were partly selfish. Yes, we love introducing people to different music, but a lot of it was so we could hear some new stuff. Along the way, one band sent in a list featuring the song “Peacock and Wing” by The Fresh & Onlys, who we’d never heard prior to getting the list. I’m exceedingly glad it was sent this way.

Since then, it’s become apparent that The Fresh & Onlys are conquering the year 2009. Earlier this year, they released an excellent self-titled record on Howells Transmitter. Most recently, Woodsist put out Grey-Eyed Girls. But if that isn’t enough, they also just had a 7″ released on Bill and Lisa Roe‘s awesome new label, Trouble In Mind. If you haven’t heard any of those, rectify that immediately.

The Fresh & Onlys – “Invisible Forces” (from Grey-Eyed Girls)

The Fresh & Onlys will be gracing Chicago a couple times in the next two weeks. They’ll be at Schubas tonight (Sept. 27) with Thee Oh Sees, and they’ll be at The Hideout on Oct. 11 with The Box Elders (and later this year, they’ll share some dates with another one of our favorites, Dan Melchior Und Das Menace). Here’s a list, courtesy of Shayde Sartin.

five tunes

1) Girls – “Hellhole Ratrace” (from Album) – “This is a song that permeates every second of your life if you live in San Francisco in 2009. The melody is as foggy and disorienting as the city itself. Even at six minutes, it’s something you want to indulge in more and more. Every refrain. Every pause. Every pathetic word is a pill you’ll swallow no matter the sickness. I truly love this song.”

2) Iggy Pop – “Ordinary Bummer” (from Zombie Birdhouse) – “It’s been haunting me since the first time I heard it. Zombie Birdhouse is not one of those records that come up often but it certainly should be. Ordinary Bummer is the last song on the first side and it’s the kind of song you record over and over again on a cassette when you’re in high school. This kind of melancholy in a pair of headphones will keep you safe from the world. I promise you that you’ll love this song if you have yet to hear it.”

3) Felt – “Ivory Past” (from The Pictorial Jackson Revue) – “A two minute song this sweet is like finding ripe berries in the wild. I could go on for hours about how perfect this song is sonically but I’ll spare the innocent. This is the what makes Edwyn Collins and Vic Godard smile in their sleep. Or, the kind of song that makes me act like a fool late at night.”

4) The Saints – “Rescue” (from The Greatest Cowboy Movie Never Made) – “This era of Saints is my personal favorite. Chris’s voice at this point was pure rock-n-roll. This song displays that perfectly. I’d be willin’ to bet Chris Bailey had Dylan’s Street Legal spinning on his turntable the night he wrote this tune. After hearing this song, I let go of any expectations I had of The Saints and started to understand them in a deeper sense. If you’re hung up on Stranded or Eternally Yours, try Out in the Jungle Where Things Ain’t so Pleasant.”

5) Canned Heat – “Poor Moon” (from The Very Best Of Canned Heat) – “Trying to explain what this is impossible. Junky harmonies that sound more like an afterthought than anything else. The voices sound so sick and sweet you wouldn’t believe people actually thought this was a single. The space gallop rhythm is as dreamy as the melody. There’s a beautiful breakdown that falls into a queezy blues drift that falls perfectly back into the song. I could never do this song justice. And I apologize for that.”

(not found)

Fresh & Onlys – Permanent Records | Insound | Lala


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  2. This is my favorite illustration. these would all make for great gallery pieces.

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