Jay Reatard

jayreatard1) The Adverts – “Bored Teenagers” (from Crossing The Red Sea) – “Most punk songs tend to have three chords, a straight beat and a simple melody. ‘Bored Teenagers’ from Crossing The Red Sea doesn’t have any of these things. It still manages to sound simple, although there are at least nine chords. The melody still seems familiar, although the phrasing is totally bizzare. Prog-punk or punk-prog it’s up to you what to call this one.”

2) The Ramones – “Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World” (from Ramones) – “The contrast between good and evil, sad and happy, or love and hate have been something I have tried to accomplish with my lyrics or songs. And Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy did just that with this perfect pop attack. Love songs written by a Nazi! Perfect.”

3) The Units – “I-Night” (from History Of The Units: The Early Years) – “I went through a huge synth phase in my early twenties and stumbled upon this band on a great website about ’70s synth punk. On the proggier side of the synth punk sound, ‘I-Night’ would make any Black Flag or Yes fan both tap along. The keyboard solo also sounds like what I imagine Van Halen wishes his guitar could sound like.”

4) Roy Orbison – “Crying” (from Crying) – “I got into Roy when I was going through my first teenage heartbreak. At the time, it seemed like the end of the world. His greatest hits got me through some ruff times. I reconnected with this song again with it’s epic usage in the amazing film Gummo.”

5) Tall Dwarfs – “All My Hollowness To You” – “Kiwi pop has, in the last few years, become a huge part of my life, and New Zealand’s Tall Dwarfs are the masters of this stripped down sound. This stuff was crafted on cheap home recorders using whatever was around; it’s what gives this tune its awesome vibe. No need for a drummer, just stomp the floor. No need for bass or guitars, just one simple organ. Also, some of the best bitter piss-off-I-love-you lyrics ever.”


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