The Antlers

theantlersIn the past few months, The Antlers‘ album Hospice has become the center of two huge things. First, it’s garnered an enormous amount of critical acclaim. Second, it’s surrounded by the same kind of hermit, insular mythology that encompasses Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago or even Bob Dylan & The Band’s The Basement Tapes.

The story goes that Peter Silberman of the band isolated himself, socially, from the world (although he says it wasn’t a conscious decision). The songs feature demure vocals, vast landscapes of sound, and a stark realism that’s hard to find in music at all. Hospice is an incredible listening experience, but not exactly an easy one—if you’re going to listen to it, put everything else aside. It deserves your full attention (think Berlin by Lou Reed).

The Antlers – “Bear” (from Hospice)

They’ll be at Subterranean tonight. Here’s a list from Darby from the band, along with one big description for each of the five songs.

five tunes

“I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately without lyrics and without singing. To me, all of these songs sound like they could either be from the distant past or from the distant future, and yet all convey sort of sense of impending doom. The interesting thing is they pretty much all do it with stripped down layered electronic sounds (with the exception of the incredible dark jazz Heliocentrics track). Lots of repetition, combined with variation in texture and density ends up sounding really lush and magical. Beautiful uses of electronic sounds in a really organic way.” – Darby Cicci

1) Modeselektor – “Dustin Der Kleene” (from Death Medley)

2) Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics – “Cha Cha” (from Inspiration Information 3)

3) John Tejada – “To the West” (from Daydreams in the Cold Weather)

4) Radicalfashion – “Ballet” (from Odori)

5) Sascha Funke – “Safety First 4” (from Kompakt: The Early Years 1998-2004)

The Antlers – iTunes | Insound | Lala


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