meercazI love the MC5. The afros? The attitudes? Sure. But it’s that high voltage rock ‘n’ roll bulldozer that they manned that really makes you scream for more. So every now and then, it’s a thrill to hear a band that’s got that same snarling attitude and ass kicking rock ‘n’ roll. Enter Meercaz, who share the afros (only one, really), the attitude, and certainly the volume.

No, Meercaz aren’t MC5 clones. Their music incorporates elements of shoegaze and noise music. I suppose it’s more like if the MC5 had been produced by Kraftwerk. Still, there are a few songs that could’ve been spat from the lips of Rob Tyner. “Unlust” and “Troubled Hand,” for example.

Meercaz – “Troubled Hand” (from Meercaz)

Meercaz’ self-titled album will be released on vinyl via Tic Tac Totally soon. Here’s the band’s list.

five tunes

1) Lydia Mendoza – “Palida Luna” (from I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore) – “Off one of my favorite of all the Mississippi Records comps I’ve heard so far. I’ve slowly been digesting this record, because I often just jump to my favorites and never get to the rest. This song was a definite repeater—a catchy yet beautiful Cajun/Spanish-esque track of one woman spilling her guts out of a twelve string guitar. Goddamn. I’m terrible at explaining why I really like certain aspects of songs. Listen to that whole compilation—you’d be just as speechless.” – Kyle

2) The Heavy Dwarfs – “Mother Nature” (from Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet) – “An obscure glam record from Sweden that Clay played me. The guitar sound is Evil. The vocal is demented. But the backbeat gets ya. I can see the satin and polyester flowing on some European pop show.” – Mozzley

3) Kurt Vile – “Freeway” (from Constant Hitmaker) – “He is unironically influenced by The Boss. Who is my idol. It’s a super beautiful song that sounds like a hot July summer day.” – Sarah

4) Von Lmo – “Leave Your Body” (from Future Language) – “Clay’s pick. This dude was a mad scientist. You can’t imitate this shit. Fast but hypnotic. The band plays like an ensemble.” – Mozzley

5) Helter Skelter – “Goodbye Baby” – “Me, Sarah and Clay covered this when we played are first show together when we were called Bunker. A Jesse Hector song it is. They sound like there drunk and the amp sounds like it’s about to blow. Pure British grit rock.” – Mozzley

(not found)

Meercaz – iTunes | Lala


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