girlsSometimes, it’s impossible to get past the stories surrounding the artist without tying them to the music (example: try to hear “No Hope Kids” by Wavves without thinking of his oft-blogged about breakdown). When I read the interview Tim Jonze of The Guardian did with Girls, I was worried the same thing might happen with them.

Here’s the abridged version: The two California boys, Christopher Owens and JR White, were born into a cult and are already aficionados of various pharmaceuticals, according to the interview. But does that distract from the music? God no.

Girls are one of the best pop bands out there today, and their music far and away overshadows anything incriminating from their past. There’s a sheen on their California pop that led Jonze to describe their upcoming record Album as a lo-fi Pet Sounds. It’s a suitable description, but perhaps it’s the ringing tales of heartbreak and that throaty pain in Owens’ voice that brings to mind a lo-fi My Aim Is True.

Girls – “Lust For Life” (from the upcoming album Album)

Album is out on Sept. 22 via True Panther Sounds.

“Hello, these are my five and I’m happy to share them. I am Christopher Owens, Girls is my band.”

five tunes

1) Beyonce – “Halo” (from I Am… Sasha Fierce) – “Beautiful song, amazing artist. Beyonce is no phony. She means what she says and you can feel it. Aside from that she is pushing the envelope in current female soul vocals, if you don’t believe in evolution, just listen to Beyonce, who takes everything that has been given to her by those who came before her in both singing and dancing and takes it to the next level. She takes us closer to heaven.”

2) The Pet Shop Boys – “Vulnerable” (from Yes) – “An amazing new album by one of the greatest groups in pop music history. Every song on this album is good. ‘Vulnerable’ is just my personal favorite. ‘You my think I’m strong and I can do no wrong but I’m vulnerable without you.’ Amen.”

3) Ray Price – “I Won’t Mention It Again” (from The Essential Ray Price) – “Every time Ray sings, my heart breaks. Call me crazy, I don’t care. Have you heard the words to this song? ‘But let me tell you before you go how much I love you, then I won’t mention it again, I won’t mention it again.’ It’s really his voice and his range that are breath taking, but the production is like showtunes—it sounds like the Grand Ole Opry. The cowboy’s opera. He’s a country classic, for all the reasons to love classic country.

4) Elvis Presley – “Crying in the Chapel” (from How Great Thou Art) – “This song is Alien. It’s about a dead era. It’s beyond beautiful, it’s spiritual. It’s Elvis’ fuck you to any one who tries to call him a phony.”

5) Cass McCombs – “Dreams Come True Girl” (from Catacombs) – “If those of us who listen to ‘indie’ music like to think that we are getting to hear something amazing and important that the rest of the world is moving too fast to notice, then this song is testament to that. Here is a perfect love song that the rest of the world, for whatever reason, may never hear, and that is the crying shame. And that is the reason you have to feel fortunate when you hear this song. Of course, I got to hear it sitting on a carpet floor, following Cass’ fingers on my own guitar, while he closed his eyes and shared his love with us—his love for poetry, his love for his woman, his love for his guitar, his love for country music. Love love love. Love is all you need.”

Girls – Insound


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