PVC Street Gang

pvcstreetIt’s one of the songs of the summer, and you may not have heard it yet. “Cutlass” by PVC Street Gang is comprised of four simple elements: a basic bass line, minimal percussion, fuzzy guitars, and unison vocals. What makes it so amazing, though, is that each ingredient is used so sparingly. The end result: a white hot song that demands for you to dance.

But the PVC Street Gang fun doesn’t stop with “Cutlass.” Their entire self-titled EP, which was released in June, is surprisingly dynamic for only having five songs. There’s the organ-toting and spooky “Nightmare City” and the sparse crooner, “Wolf Heart Torso.” But even though the songs don’t follow the same formula throughout, the EP upholds a fluidity throughout that’s important for any record to have.

PVC Street Gang just one more testament to why you should be paying attention to Denton, Tx. Between their EP and the work of Fergus & Geronimo, that town is a hotbed for incredible music.

PVC Street Gang – “Cutlass” (from PVC Street Gang)

Listen to their EP, go and see them if you’re near Denton, and check out their five.

five tunes

1) Hiro Yanagida – “Ode To Taurus” (from Hirocosmos) – “If I were ever a gameshow host, this would be my shit. I want to surf on top of a car like Teen Wolf to this.”

2) Exuma – “Damn Fool” (from Exuma II) – “This sounds like a bomb ass beach party to me. None of that volleyball and Corona type of crap.”

3) Eroc – “Tontillon” (from Eroc 3) – “This song sounded so much better in the last place I lived. I think the carpet and this track clash.”

4) Riz Ortolani – “Your Yellow Pyjama” (from the soundtrack for La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo) – “Is this a rape? Or are we still partying?”

5) Erkin Koray – “Hor Gorme Garibi” (single) – “Koray introduced Turkey to rock and roll. He really pissed some people off with this track. He was dropped from his label after he put this track out.”

PVC Street Gang – iTunes | Insound | Lala


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