teepeeIf your parents were ever afraid of you joining a cult because you listen to weird music or dress funny, never play them Teepee. They’ll send you to get your brain examined faster than you can say R.P. McMurphy.

Eric Lopez-Zareno, the Miami man behind Teepee, makes noises that imply the idea that Iggy Pop is leading the masses in a strange, lovelorn ritual. It’s got this underlying drone to it that accents any synthesizers, percussion, or guitars with a certain haunted quality.

But perhaps the biggest surprise about Teepee’s music is that it isn’t gloomy. There’s a level of joviality and hope to it that even makes songs heavily layered with drone somewhat joyful. Teepee, an appropriately picked moniker, is keeping it primitive in his music. Just looking at his list alone, Lopez-Zareno incorporates two influences into his work: fuzz rock and spiritual jazz.

Teepee – “Satisfied” (from Wooden Noise)

He’ll be releasing his debut LP on his record label, Senzei Records. Here are his five.

five tunes

1) Various Artists – “Elephant Song” (from Music of the Rain Forest Pygmies) – “Here is one of the first recordings of a tribe in Africa. This stuff gives me chills when I listen to it. The repetition and call and responses are catchy and keep me hypnotized. As you listen to the track, you’ll notice there’s thunder going on in the background and at the end of the tune the lightning strikes!!!”

2) Feu Therese – “Tu n’avain qu’une oreille” (from Feu Therese) – “A wall of sound that gets me every time I hear it. I’m hooked on the repetition, rhythm, and especially the vocals.”

3) Johnny Mbiso Dyani – “Grandmother’s Teaching” (from Grandmother’s Teaching) – “This is a great example of inflection. The vocal work that Mbiso does on this track is phenomenal. I love the melodies and rhythms he creates with just his voice!! This is free music. This track is interesting because it first starts off with just his voice than moves to vocals and drums (reminds me of free jazz duets when there’s a sax player and drummer) and than he picks up the bass and plays with the drummer and ends with vocals, bass, and drums. Its a huge crescendo that is worth sitting through.”

4) King Loser – “Dawn” (from Sonic Super Free Hi Fi) – “This tune is addictive along with everything else Chris Heazlewood has been part of.”

5) Pharaoh Sanders – “Astral Traveling” (from Thembi)- “This is one of the most beautiful tunes that I’ve heard. The rhythm section is real laid back and the stereo imaging of the extra percussion, saxophone, and high pitched violin scratches are out of this world. I recommend hearing this whole album, this stuff can change you.”

Teepee – Senzei Records | Insound


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  1. Love the elephant song – thanks for that …

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