Dan Melchior Und Das Menace

danmelchiorDan Melchior has been around for a while now. His band The Broke Revue supported The White Stripes, Interpol and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on tours. It makes a hell of a lot of sense. Melchior, one of England’s best garage rockers (now based in North Carolina), is one of the great, unsung badasses of fuzz rock.

Yes, his music can be set next to shitgaze stuff by King Khan or aggressive garage artists like Jay Reatard. But his greatest strength is being able to identify all the different components of Nuggets-era garage. His sound, while decidedly fuzzy and lo-fi, rings with psychedelia and even acoustic folk. Melchior certainly stays in touch with his musical roots. Plus, he’s really und nice guy, so don’t let the name fool you.

Take a look at his discography, which dwarfs most artists’ considerably. If you haven’t started hunting down his records and listening to everything of his you can get your hands on, start now.

Dan Melchior Und Das Menace – “Citadel” (from the upcoming Obscured By Fuzz)

Dan Melchior Und Das Menace’s new LP Thankyou Very Much is out now on S-S Records and Obscured By Fuzz will be out next week. Here’s his list.

five tunes

1) Lone Ranger – “Fe Mi Woman a De Ves” (from Rosemarie) – “Best use of the ‘stalag’ rhythm – and a lot of them are good.”

2) Frankie Lee Sims – “Married Woman” (from Lucy Mae Blues) – “If most blues were like this blues would be better.”

3) Sonny and The Sunsets – “Death Cream” (45) – “This is a great song, which is particularly great when you’re not expecting that much.”

4) The Pheromoans – “The Man Who Wolf Whistled” (45) – “It’s a bit like the shadow ring but not quite as dry—but then, what is?”

(buy it here)

5) Fleetwood Mac – “The Green Manalishi” (from Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits) – “Peter Green is really a great guitar player. His album End of the Game is great too.”

Dan Melchior Und Das Menace – iTunes | Insound | Lala

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