Earthmen And Strangers

earthmeandstrangersIf Ryan Rousseau, Luis Padilla, Joe Mathis and Lenny de Leon are the “earthmen” that their moniker suggests, they’ve created perfect music for the “strangers.” That’s right, Earthmen And Strangers is garage rock from humans, for aliens. If our intergalactic brothers and sisters came down today and had to choose between Earthmen And Strangers, Kraftwerk and Lady Gaga, I firmly believe that they would choose to listen to Earthmen And Strangers.

It’s hard to explain why it’s the perfect intergalactic dance music. Maybe it’s because it’s got a more atmospheric quality to it than most garage rock. The Arizona rockers’ new self-titled LP proves that they’ve got the chops to get a legion of little green men to dine, dance and forget why they came here in the first place.

But seriously, enough with this weird “what if aliens listened to music/existed” scenario. If post-punk and garage rock are your thing, listen to them. That’s all there is to it.

Earthmen And Strangers – “Desert Snow” (from Earthmen And Strangers)

Definitely check out their new album. Here’s their list.

five tunes

1) Lenguas Largas – “I Feel” (I Feel EP) – “Great new band from Tucson, Ariz. Amazing! Isaac Reyes is a great songwriter.”

2) Barbaras – “Flow” (7″) – “Memphis, Tenn.”

3) Tirefire – “Posercaust” (cassette) “New Orleans hardcore!”

4) Digital Leather – “Power Surge” (7″) – “New Wave radness from Tucson, Ariz. Just moved to Omaha, Nebr.”

5) Cola Freaks – “Ctrl Alt Delete” (from Ingenting Set 7″) “Great post-punk from Denmark! One of the best live bands I’ve seen!”

Earthmen And Strangers – FDH Records

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