Coconut Coolouts


Stop what you’re doing and go to a party. Not like a sleazy party where a bunch of twentysomethings are doing drugs—like a party with pizza and cake where everybody just wants to stay up all night listening to Little Richard and The Stooges. OK, you’re there? Turn on Party Time Machine by Coconut Coolouts (only until the pizza gets there, of course, at which point you should turn on Personal & The Pizzas).

If it isn’t the best party ever, see the doctor, because you’re dead. Party Time Machine is exactly what the world needs. While a bunch of bands out there are concerned with sounding a certain way or invoking some deep feeling, Coconut Coolouts are bringing it back to square one: the party square. Their fuzzy garage music and ability to make anything sound like an awesome party (a stick up, jail, etc.) is a talent that more bands could use.

Coconut Coolouts – “(Please Don’t Break Me Out of) Party Jail” (from Party Time Machine)

According to the Coconut Coolouts’ MySpace blog, we should expect an album, allegedly and incredibly titled Shopaholic Youth Get Awesome Twins 2010 sometime in the future. For now, listen to Party Time Machine and start dancing. Here’s their five from Ruben Mz.

five tunes

1) The Boy Toys – “In and Out of Love” – “Cool, loud garage pop. We are still waiting for a physical copy to appear. One day…one day.”

2) Johnny Nash – “Hold Me Tight” – “Reggae tune we found in a dollar bin. I cannot stop listening to this single. His voice, the guitar are very magical and the beat is cool. Perfect SUMMER TIME JAM.”

3) Eat Skull – “Cooking a Way To Be Happy” (from Wild And Inside) – “I really like the back up vocals, the melody, and the chopping board/pots and pans/kitchen noises. A great tune. A great band.”

4) Sandy City – “Death Wave” – “The Black Lips have left many babies all over the place. I think this is a good thing. This is a more innocent indie rock meets Black Lips meets surfing the Puget Sound type of thing and we like it.”

5) Davila 666 – “Tu” (from Davila 666) – “Puerto Rican garage pop. One of our favorite bands around today. A nice hybrid of garage and dare we say…brit pop??? Yeh.”

Coconut Coolouts Lala | Insound | iTunes


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