Neon Indian

neonindianThe beautiful thing about the big, powerful music blogs isn’t the fact that they have influence. It’s how they use it. Maybe, through some fluke, a really terrible band could get passed around the blogosphere and hailed as the next big thing (possible case study for one of you juggernauts: pass around a track from iCarly and act like it’s an unreleased Captain Beefheart demo). No, it’s the great stuff that gets remembered. How about the new VEGA side-project, Neon Indian (that was primarily championed by these guys)?

I don’t know a lot about them—only what I’ve heard from their MySpace and from various bloggers. But I can tell you that it’s great stuff. It’s a great series of dreamy, ’70s sci-fi electronic jams that should be fueling at least a small portion of your sunny sidewalk playlist. If the title “Deadbeat Summer” doesn’t say it all, I don’t know how else to convey it.

Neon Indian – “Deadbeat Summer” (from their upcoming EP Psychic Chasms)

Neon Indian may not have a lot of work out right now, but that’s going to change this October. Their debut record Psychic Chasms will release in every feasible format at a record store near you (and hopefully, there’s a record store near you). Here’s their five, courtesy of Ron Gierhart.

five tunes

1) Sally Shapiro – “Anorak Christmas (Anorakk XMas Remix)” (from I’ll Stay ‘Til After Christmas) – “Sally Shapiro is a siren! My ears are lured in by the melody. The lyrics are sweet and seductive as well. The italo disco style music allows for a fun driving experience on the Wide Texas Highway. There is a sense of puppy love in this song.”

2) Roxy Music – “More Than This” (from Avalon) – “I’ve been learning the chords to this song so naturally I am listening to it constantly. Bryan Ferry’s voice is gorgeous on this one. I favor the sound of a male’s falsetto over a female’s falsetto. The drums are simple and straight forward. Light layered synthesizer makes the song sound dreamy and creamy. I also notice short, quick blues-rock riffs. Very tasteful indeed. Makes me smile.”

3) White Noise – “Love Without Sound” – “This song strikes a strange sensation in my brain. I constantly seek this feeling when I engage myself into any media. It’s a slow tempo song but yet, there are many sounds coming from left and right. I can sense that the creators of this song wanted to creep their listeners out. Very experimental. I feel tingles, tip-toes, and swirls going on in my head during this song.”

4) Gilbert O’Sullivan – “Alone Again (Naturally)” – “This song is a bit of a downer but it’s such a beautiful piece of music. Seems like Gilbert put a large amount of thought and passion into this song (from the lyrics to the arrangement of the melody and music). Carefully crafted indeed.”

5) Junior Boys – “Sneak A Picture” (from Begone Dull Care) – “This song is way SEXY. ‘She looks perfect in every color.’ WHAT A LYRIC! This song appeals to every one of my senses. Every element of this song makes me fall in love with life. Describing myself is far easier than describing the song at this moment.”

Neon Indian – Myspace


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  2. Oh Ron the Bear you are forever a golden relic in my eyes.

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