Agent Ribbons

agentribbonI’m not sure if there are many people who have actually thought to themselves, “I wonder what would happen if some great mystic power mixed indie pop with Lewis Carroll’s odd and Victorian aesthetic?” The Agent Ribbons make me wonder why people hadn’t thought of it sooner. It’s a brilliant little niche.

Natalie, Lauren and Naomi “Ribbons” are masters of a very dreamy, swoony pop. That’s why it was such a good fit that they toured most recently with Camera Obscura.

They have kind of a sleepy, crooning sound that just feels pleasant. But their new track, “Your Love Is The Smallest Doll” has a sort of sinister “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha” by Louis XIV feel. The girls are probably too good at utilizing toy instruments and an accordion for a really haunting effect.

Agent Ribbons – “Obituary” (from On Time Travel And Romance)

The girls will be back to Chicago in the fall, and their 7″ Your Love Is The Smallest Doll is available now here. Here are their five, courtesy of Natalie Gordon.

five tunes

1) Yellow Fever – “Culver City” (single) – “The simple but galloping beat on this song makes for fun driving music. I love the lyrics and how much variety comes out of this song while simultaneously being so simple! Brilliant.”

2) The Shaggs – “Who Are Parents” (from Philosophy Of The World) – “We love our parents, so we love this song.”

3) Broadcast – “Colour Me In” (from Haha Sound) – “This tune takes me into another world and I tend to listen to this album on repeat when I’m doing arts and crafts on my living room floor.”

4) The Zombies – “A Rose For Emily” (from Odessey and Oracle) – “Since my bandmate, Lauren, introduced me to this band it has become one of my biggest influences, and this is one of my favorite songs by them.”

5) Parenthetical Girls – “Unmentionables” (from Entanglements) – “The strange arrangements and embellishments here very much compliment the horn-like vocals and this song also qualifies as a fine lyrical specimen.”

Agent Ribbons Lala | Insound | iTunes


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