worriedaboutsatanIt’s always impressive to me when an ambient artist can make sounds from a machine sound totally organic. But what’s even more impressive is when they can incorporate instruments from the world of rock ‘n’ roll. That’s what’s so great about Worriedaboutsatan. While they use a lot of synethesizers and computer-manufactured percussion, they also splice guitars quite beautifully into their work.

Take the beginning of “You’re In My Thoughts,” for example. It leads into an ethereal mix of beats and sounds with a few simple guitar lines. It opens the track with a certain amount of mystique and warmth.

Worriedaboutsatan are two guys from the UK: Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale. Their ambient electronica recordings are perfect for relaxing. It’s not aggressive or cacophonic—it just seems to really fill this void that I’ve had for relaxing, ethereal music lately. I was lucky enough to stumble on this band while listening to an experimental/ambient block of music on WNUR.

Worriedaboutsatan – “You’re In My Thoughts” (from Arrivals)

It doesn’t look like Worriedaboutsatan will be coming to the States anytime soon, but hey, if you haven’t listened to Arrivals yet, it’s certainly worth checking out. Here’s a list from Gavin and Thomas.

five tunes

1) Sven Weismann – “Amity” – “Sven is a young lad who makes some of the most beautiful dubby techno I’ve heard yet! ‘Amity’ is a really nice tune that just says ‘Sunday afternoon, sunshine, good food, a bit of dancing, and a beer.’ Perfect.” – Thomas Ragsdale

2) Luke Hess – “Motor Dub (LH mix)” – “True Detroit techno, deep, throbbing, and progressive. I love the lo-fi snare rolls and how organic this track is. Truly original.” – Thomas Ragsdale

3) Phoenix – “1901” (from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix) – “I’ve always had a soft spot for Phoenix, as they make some incredible pop records, and this one is no different—the hooks and melodies are just gold! Love it.” – Gavin Miller

4) Soap&Skin – “Spiracle” (from Lovetune For Vacuum) – “I’ve just discovered her new album and it’s amazing. It has a brutal honesty about it all—very raw and quite terrifying in places, reminds me of a younger PJ Harvey, but with way more anger.” – Gavin Miller

5) Fieldy’s Dreams – “Baby Hugh Hef” (from Rock ‘n’ Roll Gangster) – “Quite possibly one of the worst moments in musical history, but we honestly can’t stop listening to it because it’s just so bad! It’s the bassist from KoRn’s rap side project—Tom bought the CD as a bit of a joke as we’d heard about it, and it’s honestly terrible. Amazing though. Like a car crash.” – Gavin and Thomas

Worriedaboutsatan Lala | iTunes


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