caveWhen I moved to Chicago, I learned a few things fairly quickly: avoid the Magnificent Mile (unless you want cheap CDs from the now defunct Virgin Megastore), do your thrift shopping at the three-story Salvation Army, and if you’re in a music rut, go to Permanent Records. Some shops will sell you just about anything, but it seems like the people at Permanent only keep stuff that will likely make you look cool while your friends are thumbing through your record collection. Plus, Times New Viking and Thee Oh Sees played there, so it was cemented for me as a beacon of cool.

When they started a record label (of the same name, of course), I knew their stuff had to be interesting. And lo and behold, they gave us (among other things) a couple of releases by Cave.

Cave is one of the best psychedelic bands out there. They don’t focus on the trippy vocoder stuff like Black Moth Super Rainbow. Their sound is more reminiscent of the driving krautrock beats mixed with some genuinely bluesy guitar riffs. Cooper, Dan, Rex, Adam and Rotten Milk are extremely talented Chicago musicians, and it makes a lot of sense that their Psychic Psummer album on Important Records is so amazing.

Cave – “Machines and Muscles” (from Psychic Psummer)

They’ll be playing the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival on August 2. They’re also looking to release more records in the fall. Here are their awesomely diverse five picks.

five tunes

1) Savage Young Taterbug – “Boys of the Feather” (from Boys of the Feather) – “Free yr head.  Free-e yr head.  Boys of the Feather.  Stay together.  Makes sense LOUD ON WEED.”

2) ZZ Top – “Waitin’ for the Bus” (from Tres Hombres) – “Tightness.”

3) Captain Beefheart – “Dirty Blue Gene” (from Safe As Milk)- “Old Woman Sweat, Young girls glisten.”

4) Bobby Darin – “Long Line Rider” (from Bobby Darin Born Walden Robert Cassotto) – “Bass line, SIIICCCKKKK!”

5) Goofy – “Somebody Just Poop” (single) – “Throbbing dancehall riddim with wet juicy fart sounds. No. Seriously.”

CaveLala | Insound | Permanent


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