ponytailAnd here we are, finally at the end of our Pitchfork Music Festival preview week. Each day this week, we’ve been featuring lists from artists who appeared at the Chicago-based Pitchfork Fest in Union Park. So far, we’ve featured lists from Fucked Up, Women, Vivian Girls, The Very Best, Lindstrøm and Matt & Kim. Our last list is from Baltimore noise rockers Ponytail.

Yes, Ponytail have a sound that goes beyond rock ‘n’ roll in a certain way. It’s commonly referred to as “art rock,” a genre that’s seemingly passed on to anything experimental or, as my mom would put it, too “arty.” But there’s something more primal and oddly tribal about Ponytail.

The band emanates pure, unfiltered energy. Their live shows are erratic and all over the place. It’s like watching a few virtuosos party hard at an 8-year-old’s birthday. Their music also springs forth a sort of eeriness and intrigue that goes along with Molly Siegel’s odd noises and the band’s layered, intricate work.

Ponytail – “Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)” (from Ice Cream Spiritual)

But what’s key about Ponytail, be it in the squeals or the double guitar attack, is that it’s some of the most jovial, happy music out there. Not in the twee sense, but in their sincere, honest execution.

Ponytail are playing the festival tonight at 4:30. Here’s their list, courtesy of guitarist Ken Seeno.

five tunes

1) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Higher and Higher” (from House Arrest) – “A classic track. I love the chimey guitar. Genius. This band is so good live right now.”

2) The Police – “Spirits In The Material World” (from Ghost In The Machine) – “I’m so influenced by The Police right now. What a GOOD band. Jeez. Also this record cover is beyond cool. I just picked a song. Any song from Zenyatta Mondatta should be on my list. If you can stream that whole album, please!” (Note: this song actually appeared on Ghost In The Machine, and we can’t stream any full albums, but you can stream both albums in full right here.)

3) Vince Guaraldi – “Great Pumpkin Waltz” (from Oh Good Grief) – “Music to eat meals to.”

4) Santo & Johnny – “Tenderly” – “For breezy times.”

5) Pylon – “Recent Title” (from Gyrate Plus) – “I got way more into Pylon on the last tour than I expected! Started to listen to them everyday. I love the way Gyrate sounds. It’s a great record.”

PonytailLala | Insound | iTunes


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