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mattandkimWelcome back to our Pitchfork Music Festival preview week. Each day this week, we’ve been featuring lists from the artists who are going to appear at the festival. We’ve featured lists from Fucked Up, Women, Vivian Girls, The Very Best and Lindstrøm. To finish off the week, we’ve got two lists for you today. First up, it’s indie-pop duo Matt & Kim.

Every year, there’s a song that defines the time in some subtle way. Remember “Young Folks?” “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley? Both definitive songs of their time. This year, the Matt & Kim song “Daylight” is certainly a contender for that title.

It’s catchy, it’s definitely a pop song, but it’s showered in hip-hop beats. It’s no wonder they’ve achieved so much popularity.

Matt & Kim – “Daylight” (from Grand)

For their five tunes, Matt & Kim decided to send us a list of songs that not only do they listen to, but they also play before their live set. Here’s what Kim had to say about it:

“Matt and I try to control everything at our shows. This includes the music you hear in between bands. This is the mix that plays right before we go on. It hypes us up and gets us ready to play. As you can see, Matt and I listen to a ton of top 40 hip hop.”

That they do. They sent us a total of 10 songs, but since rules are rules, we can only post five (believe me, nothing pains us more than having to edit out Kim Schifino saying, “This song kind of makes me want to fight or krump,” about a Young Jeezy track). But never fear, you can read the full unedited list here, courtesy of the good people at Nylon.

But alas, here are five of the songs courtesy of Kim, complete with embedded tracks.

five tunes

1) Kid Sister – “Family Reunion” – “I have been patiently waiting for Kid Sister’s new album to come out. I feel like I have been waiting for a year! This song reminds me of hanging out with my family. The Schifino family is real big and we all get together for the holidays. This consists of eating a lot of food, telling disgusting stories, and everyone yelling over each other so you can be heard! I love my family.”

2) Benny Blanco and Spank Rock – “Loose” (from Bangers & Cash EP) – “We love Spank Rock…is that enough to say? He played at our record release for Grand. This is to get the crowd loosened up and dirty!”

3) 50 Cent – “Get Up” (single) – “I was worried because it had been a bit since 50 came out with something. Then he dropped this song. He never lets this girl down. There is a joke with friends about who I am going to dump Matt for: 50 Cent or T.I.?”

4) T.I. – “Bring ‘Em Out” (from Urban Legend)- “OK, yes, I am a little obsessed with T.I. I can admit that. I actually fanned out when we were at the Diesel party this summer and he was the secret guest. We were at the side of the stage and at one point he was an arm’s length away from me. I wouldn’t look at him. I don’t really know why, but that is how nervous I was.”

5) Jay-Z feat. Santigold – “Brooklyn Go Hard” (from Notorious) – “I am going to admit something: I didn’t buy this song. I usually buy all my music, but when I heard this song on Hot 97, I went home and hopped on iTunes to try to find it. It wasn’t there. I tried everywhere, but I couldn’t find it. Then I found an illegal download…yup, I stole it. This is the song we come out to during our sets! If I ever run into Jay-Z, I will tell him thank you and give him a dollar.”

Matt and Kim Lala | Insound | iTunes


One response to “Matt & Kim

  1. That list is a quarter-step away from being a perfect playlist for a “bags” tournament at a yuppie sports bar. Man, average young white people really have ruined hip-hop – consistently supporting and promoting the wackest shit out there, with all their expendable income fueled power. Congratulations, Matt and Kim, on operating at nearly surreal levels of banality, while doing your part to further sew the seeds of garbage. Do everyone a favor and listen to the words of Dante Ross:

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