lindstromDid you think we were going to stop our Pitchfork Music Festival preview week? Because we aren’t. So there. Each day this week, we’ve been featuring a list from an artist who is going to appear at the Chicago-based Pitchfork Fest in Union Park. So far, we’ve featured lists from Fucked Up, Women, Vivian Girls and The Very Best. Today, we’ve got a list from Norwegian DJ, Lindstrøm.

While the entire hip universe was circling around the DFA label’s big success stories (read: LCD Soundsystem), it seemed like the DJ creating some of the best work out there was remixing those guys. Lindstrøm may not be as big of a heavy-hitter when compared to the Danger Mouses of the world, but the man’s work is phenomenal.

I don’t claim to be an expert on dance music whatsoever, but I do know when dance music becomes thoughtful, soulful and intricate. That’s what I hear in Lindstrøm’s work. But what makes him impressive is that he does more than just fiddle with buttons and machines. No, Hans-Peter Lindstrøm is also a very talented multi-instrumentalist who plays guitars, percussion and keys.

And come on, hasn’t it been a long time since you’ve heard some good, non-tacky disco?

Lindstrøm – “The Magnificent” (from The Magnificent EP)

Lindstrøm will be performing on Saturday night at the festival. Here are his five picks.

five tunes

1) John Martyn – “I’d Rather Be The Devil” (from Solid Air) – “John Martyn was introduced to me as ‘bedtime’ music when I was a kid and with his trademark echo and reverb drenched guitar sound came up with the blueprint for a lot of cool downbeat electronic music to come. He will be sadly missed, though I’m still happy his magic can be heard at the push of a button.”

2) Michael Rother – “Fontana Di Luna” (from Sterntaler) – “The former guitarist from Neu! and Harmonia made three amazing records with Jaki Liebezeit during the late ’70s. All the records have been very influential to me in my own music and this is one of my favourites. Simple, repetitive, naive and beautiful…”

3) Gabor Szabo – “Galatea’s Guitar” (from Dreams) – “Cult hero (and the world’s greatest) DJ Harvey played me this track many years ago when he was guesting a club night I did in Oslo. We had a little outdoor session before the night took off just playing a nice and diverse mixture of music and this one had me excited from the first second. A beautiful guitar and cello intro leads way for the coolest little bass, piano and drum groove ever…a blueprint for the horribly named trip hop stuff that haunted us in the mid ’90s, though this is the real deal.”

4) Deodato – “Spirit of Summer” (from Prelude) – “Next to Jaco Pastorius’ ‘Three Views Of a Secret,’ this is one of my favourite pieces of melancholy music ever. Lifted by Zero 7 for their beautiful remix of Terry Callier’s ‘Love Theme From Spartacus’ remix a few years ago.”

5) Henri Texier – “Amir” – “Don’t know much about this guy except that he plays that bass and scats/hums/sings at the same time. I’ve picked up everything I’ve seen by Henri blindly and it’s all lovely stuff.”

Lindstrøm – Insound | iTunes


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