The Very Best

On we go with our Pitchfork Music Festival preview week. Each day this week, we’ve been featuring a list from an artist who is going to appear at the Chicago-based Pitchfork Fest in Union Park. So far, we’ve featured lists from Fucked Up, Women and Vivian Girls. Now, we’ve got a list by The Very Best.

Sure, The Very Best have the unenviable task of going on at the same time as The Flaming Lips on Sunday night at Pitchfork Fest. But even if you just catch half of each group’s set, it’s a rare occasion to see some amazing electronic-turned-Afropop music live. Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit (who first met through an oft-written about bike sale) have been producing some of the most fun, enjoyable music that negates the idea that you need to speak the language to enjoy the sound.

But despite the language barrier, it’s a wonderful mash-up of East and West. From the steel drums to the bumping drum machine, it certainly ain’t typical.

But don’t listen to the hype spread by anybody in the blogging universe. Just listen to the Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit Are The Very Best mixtape, which you can download for free here. Make up your own mind, but if you don’t have the urge to dance at least once, the volume is probably too low.

The Very Best ft. Ezra Koenig – “Warm Heart of Africa” (from the upcoming Warm Heart of Africa)

If you can, do yourself a favor and make some time for The Very Best this Sunday night. Here’s a list from The Very Best, brought to you by Radioclit.

five tunes

1) Janka Nabay – “Eh Congo” (from Bubu Music) – “The king of ‘bubu music.’ The only bubu music artist we heard of too, to be honest. He’s like a totally unknown tropical Lee Scratch Perry from Sierra Leone, he has a musical world of his own.”

2) DJ Serpent Noir – “Decale Wolof” (from Universel coupé decalé) – “An amazing DJ, singer and producer from the Ivory Coast community in Paris. He’s called Anaconda DJ Serpent Noir (means black snake), he looks like a snake, too. In this track, he shouts, ‘wow!’ as a chorus about 40 times. It’s the hook of the summer, we can’t stop singing it all day.”

3) Edalam – “Helicopta” – “A good example of soca and techno crossover. The best of both worlds, if dropped in the context in a club it should be causing riots.”

(check out the video here)

4) Daler Mehndi – “Tunak Tunak Tun” (from Tunak Tunak Tun) – “Another riot track. A ’90s hit from some Indian country (I don’t have Internet to double check where from exactly). Typical last track of a successful Radioclit DJ set these days.”

5) Aziz Waisy – “?” – “We got this from an illegal Iraqi immigrant taxi driver who got us home after one of our Secousse party in West London. He was burning the red lights and driving like mad while jumping up and down on his seat, telling us how he blew away 100,000 pounds in clubs one year. This music is called Dabke or Debkeh or Dabkeh, it is very popular in countries like Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. It’s something like wedding music for them. We have been searching and ruining ourselves buying lots of it from the Internet, but none is as good as that Aziz Waisy CD we got that night. In the same style, we are massive fans of Omar Souleyman.”

The Very Best – Green Owl


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