Vivian Girls

And now, onto day three of our Pitchfork Music Festival preview week. Each day this week, we’re featuring a list from an artist who is going to appear at the Chicago-based Pitchfork Fest in Union Park. We kicked off the week with Fucked Up, followed it up with Women, and now we’ve got a list for you from Vivian Girls.

If there isn’t an already inherent appeal to Vivian Girls through their Henry Darger influenced moniker, just listen to their 2008 record Vivian Girls. It’s droney, it’s 22 minutes long, and it blasts through with influences from the Ramones, surf music, the godfathers of indie rock and ’60s garage rock. It’s no wonder they’ve supported acts like King Khan, Jay Reatard and plenty of their fellow Brooklynites.

Their sound is tight, but with hints of trash. The harmonies are beautiful, but haunting. Their instrumental work is simple, but it invokes an odd amount of musical complexity. Plus, although I’m not sure this actually needs mentioning, Vivian Girls was easily one of the best records of 2008.

Vivian Girls – “When I’m Gone” (from their upcoming album Everything Goes Wrong)

The Vivians’ next album Everything Goes Wrong will be out September 8 on In The Red. They’ll be playing Pitchfork on Sunday night, but if you have to miss that, they’ll be back in Chicago on August 30 at the Empty Bottle with The Beets. And if that ain’t enough, it was just announced today that Vivian Girl Cassie Ramone will be recording some songs with the guys from Woods and Bossy as The Babies.

Here’s their list, courtesy of Ramone.

five tunes

1) R. Stevie Moore – “California Rhythm” (from Phonography) – “I was originally drawn to this song because it sounds an awful lot like ‘September Gurls’ by Big Star, but as it turns out it’s a really beautiful and interesting song in its own right, and now I’m playing it on repeat!”

2) The Kids – “Hey Little Girl” – “This is just a really good and extremely catchy power pop song.”

(not found)

3) Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Hardcore Pops Are Fun” (from House Arrest) – “I have a new favorite Ariel Pink song every week, and this seems to be my current favorite. I like that this song is about pop music. It makes me wanna dance around all crazy.”

4) The Pop Group – “She Is Beyond Good and Evil” (from In The Beginning There Was Rhythm) – “This is the kind of song that’s so good and powerful that I wish it had been written about me.”

5) Negative Trend – “M-16” (from Belfast Cowboys; The Pop Sessions) – “Really rad early punk. So great for the summertime.”

Vivian Girls Lala | Insound | iTunes


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