Welcome to day two of our Pitchfork Music Festival preview week. Each day this week, we’ll be featuring a list from an artist who is going to appear at the Chicago-based Pitchfork Fest in Union Park. We kicked off the week with Fucked Up, now here’s a list from Women.

The Canadian shoegazers gained rightful recognition from their eponymous 2008 debut. Their sound is as dreamy and pop-friendly as the ambient punk lords Deerhunter. Yes, the brothers Flegel (Patrick and Matthew), Michael Wallace and Christopher Reimer certainly know how to create a noise that’s wide open, extremely constricted, bleak and, as if it’s not obvious by all the previous adjectives, all over the place.

Perhaps that’s what makes Women such a great album. Upon first listen, it keeps you guessing and never disappoints.

Women – “Black Rice” (from Women)

Women will be playing the festival on Sunday afternoon. Patrick Flegel sent us these five songs (our sincerest apologies for depicting him in ladies’ makeup—our illustrator couldn’t help himself).

five tunes

1) Metropak – “Sex Cult Thing” (from Metropak) – “Metropak have a collection of their singles available. It’s excellent.”

2) The Sound – “Hour Of Need” (from Jeopardy) – “Lost Echo & the Bunnymen hit.”

3) The Soft Pack – “American” (from The Muslims) – “American rock ‘n’ roll band. They shot their releases with a 22.”

4) Your Food – “Leave” (demo) – “They were from Kentucky and they are nice to listen to. Steal it off the Internet.”

5) Male Bonding – “Pirate Key” – “A UK two-for-one. Night drive tracks.” (Note: Patrick also listed “A Tempting Haunt” by Cold Pumas, but we couldn’t find a digital copy.)

Women Lala | Insound | iTunes


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