Fucked Up

effedupWelcome to day one of our Pitchfork Music Festival preview week. Each day this week, we’ll be featuring a list from an artist who is going to appear at the Chicago-based Pitchfork Fest in Union Park. We’re kicking off the week with Fucked Up, who will be performing on Saturday afternoon.

Fucked Up is certainly a hardcore band with a name that pretty well backs it up. But there’s a reason why they aren’t in the same class as the hardcore bands that play the YWCA and rely heavily on somebody getting their ass kicked in the mosh pit (no offense, every band I saw during my middle school years).

No, it takes incredible musicianship and songwriting to accomplish what Fucked Up have. Although they always have the brand of hardcore stamped on them (thanks to lead singer Pink Eyes), each song has a different feel to it. Take the songs from their 2008 record The Chemistry of Common Life, for example. “Crooked Head” sounds vaguely like a straight-forward Bruce Springsteen or Hold Steady rock number. “Days of Last” sounds like a no wave record straight out of the early Sonic Youth days. “Golden Seal,” meanwhile, exhibits a strange ethereal electronica.

Fucked Up – “No Epiphany” (from The Chemistry of Common Life)

The band’s show at Pitchfork is going to be a hard one to miss. From their beautiful melodic orchestrations, to their old-school punk power chords and their spit-in-the-face vocals, this band is tough as hell and know how to make you feel it.

Here are five songs as listed by Mike Haliechuk (or 10,000 Marbles).

five tunes

1) Katie Stelmanis – “Believe Me” (From the Believe Me 7″) – “Right now Katie is my favourite singer in the world. Her voice is like those massive icicles that are sticking out of everywhere in Superman’s fortress of solitude.  You can put her records on when you are just feeling a bit worn down from normal society, or when you just need to fly to the North Pole and recharge your superpowers and talk to a hologram of your father.”

2) Beta Evers – “Move My Body Rhythm” – “I just know this band from those CBS top 100 Italo torrents, but pretty much everyone of their songs is ridiculous.  I’m pretty sure its just one woman, and she sounds like some weird ancient European witch over real evil beats.  Plus check out the name ‘BETA EVERS.'”

3) Carly Simon – “Why” – “I feel like kind of a douche for putting this on my list, but it has a really sick, weird shuffle beat and was written by Chic, so it checks out. It goes along well with my early ’90s colourfast Keith Harring Arrested Development vibe.”

4) Flash and the Pan – “Walking in the Rain” (from Flash and the Pan) – “Hey, another band I have no clue about—just that it sounds like Joe Cole doing a karaoke version of a Funky Bunch interpretation of a Velvet Underground B-side.”

5) The Veronicas – “Untouched” (from Hook Me Up) – “The best band from Australia, or New Zealand or whatever, ever. Actually I’ve never heard any of their other songs, but this one is sick and reminds me of that song ‘Born Slippy’ for the first four seconds.”

Fucked Up Lala | Insound | iTunes


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  2. Beta Evers is indeed not a band, but just one woman. Saw her playing live a couple of years ago.

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