Double Dagger

doubledaggerPunk’s a complicated thing. Not because The Clash are a punk band that played reggae or because Blondie did disco and rap. No, even modern punk has its anomalies.

Double Dagger, for example, aren’t a “power chords and call it a day” punk band. They’re thought-provoking, they can sound akin to the pop-leaning Rather Ripped by Sonic Youth and they’re not afraid to be loud. Bruce Willen, Denny Bowen and Nolen Strals also manage to do all of this without a guitar in tow. This is all made evident by their new album on Thrill Jockey, MORE.

Double Dagger – “Vivre Sans Temps Mort” (from MORE)

The Baltimore-based graphic design rockers will be in Chicago for three shows this weekend. They’ll be at the Hideout with the Fiery Furnaces on July 9, they’ve got an early show at Permanent Records on the 10th, and then later that night, they’ll be at the Automatic Collective with Cacaw. Here’s their list.

five tunes

1) Skull Kontrol  – “New Rock Critic” (from Deviate Beyond All Means of Capture) – “I never play just one song on SK’s first album, I just put the whole thing on repeat, but ‘New Rock Critic’ is a nice kick-in-the-pants start to the kind of record we need more of right now.” – Nolen Strals

2) Abruptum – “Gehennae Perpetuae Criciatus” (from Casus Luciferi) – “It rules when black metal bands get all ambient and experimental. This song is evil as hell.” – Bruce Willen

3) Air Waves – “Lightning” – “This is such a perfect little pop song—it’s like a satisfying glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Nicole has an awesome, unpretentious voice that feels both laid back and totally sincere.” – Bruce Willen

4) Gillian Welch – “I Dream A Highway” (from Time – The Revelator) – “This languorous lullaby lasts almost 15 minutes. I wish it was longer.” – Bruce Willen

5) P-Model – “2D or Not 2D” (from P-Model) – “Japanese technopop from 1992. They used to be a new wave band, but then started programming high speed bass and synth lines and electronic drums. This song just has me thrown into some future landscape; the future, as seen from the early ’90s. I might have used this song in a previous list of the same nature, but I really love this band/song, and more people should be turned on to them.” – Denny Bowen

Double Dagger – Insound | Lala | iTunes


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