Gentleman Jesse & His Men

gentlemanjesseGentleman Jesse & His Men owe their sound to two different musical genres: there’s the ’50s and ’60s garage pop, and then in the ’70s, there are the pub rockers who infiltrated pop musicElvis Costello and Nick Lowe come to mind.

Instead of creating a derivative sound that just drags out an over-repetitive series of power chords, Gentleman Jesse & His Men decided to use their debut LP to hold 32 minutes of fantastic pop. It’s not innovative and it may not have the sharp edge of Jay Reatard’s sound, but it’s still one of the best albums of last year.

Gentleman Jesse & His Men – “Black Hole” (from Introducing Gentleman Jesse & His Men)

Currently, Jesse and the boys are working on another LP and a series of 45s. Then, it’s (maybe) on to the West Coast. But for now, here are Jesse’s five tunes.

five tunes

1) Eat Skull – “Stick To The Formula” – “What a catchy tune! I saw these guys play in Atlanta they were the most entertaining train wreck I had seen in quite a while. Their drummer had left them mid-tour to join some ‘rock star band,’ so they said. The drummer of Black Time filled in for them and they had to explain each song to him before they played it. Also, they were as drunk as skunks. Can’t believe the same degenerates pulled this pop masterpiece out of their bums!”

2) The Roulettes – “Bad Time” – “Just scored a copy of the sole Kravin A’s album and got a chance to read the liner notes. They cover this song on their record and I tracked down an original version. Great Merseybeat song.”

3) The White Wires – “I Remember How” – “I was given a copy of this record when we played in Montreal and it was described to me as sounding as catchy as Nobunny. I didn’t think there was a chance of it being as good as Nobunny, but I put the record on and had to pick my face off the floor. These Cannucks write some catchy ass songs. I think they are playing Gonerfest this year. Can’t wait to see them live!!!”

4) Tyvek – “Building Burning” – “I had been waiting for this record to come out for a long time and I know I was not alone. They have been playing this tune live for awhile now and it’s good to be able listen to it from the comfort of my own home.”

5) Davilla 666 – “Pingororcha Y La Diva Rockera” – “Another hit record on Douchemaster! These Puerto Ricans know how make an impact. This undeniably catchy song makes me wish I knew Spanish so that I can sing along. Time to buy some of those Rosetta Stones or just make Adrian Barreracuda just speak to me in Spanish so I can pick it up. Speaking of which, those Barreracudas songs that are not recorded yet won’t leave my head. I could go on and on…”

Gentleman Jesse And His Men – Insound | Lala | iTunes

Rebecca Mitchell – vocals Ruby Wells – bass Dare Matheson – drums/percussion Jeff Schneider – el guitardacion

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