Made In Mexico

madeinmexicoThere are very, very few salsa bands that you’d hear on the rock show at a college radio station. Actually, it’s hard to imagine any salsa band on a rock show that isn’t Made In Mexico.

OK, so Made In Mexico aren’t a salsa band, per se, but that beat doesn’t lie. They aren’t really bright red dress and rose-between-the-teeth salsa. It’s more like Nina Hagen salsa. Their lyrics are politically charged and there’s something oddly dreary about their sound.

Rebecca Mitchell, Ruby Wells, Dare Matheson and Jeff Schneider are creating an intimidating punk-goes-salsa sound that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Although it isn’t nearly as heavy or dark, it has the strange ringings of doom metal in it. Regardless, it leaves you feeling slightly unsettled, but with an odd urge to salsa.

Made In Mexico – “Mundovision” (from Guerillaton)

The Rhode Island group are touring the West Coast this month. Here’s their list of five songs.

five tunes

1) Juaneco y su Combo – “El Brujo” (from Masters of Chicha, Vol. 1) – “‘The Wizard’ was Noé Fachin’s nickname and he is quite an amazing guitarist and songwriter. Juaneco y su Combo play Chicha music which is derived from cumbias and influenced also by surf rock and 60s psychedelic music played by Peruvian musicians. This music is the essence of peace and happiness and brings tranquility to the mind. It taps into the finer aspects of ayahuasca usage. Anyone who truly loves music should check this out.”

2) The Beach Boys – “Farmer’s Daughter” (from Surfin’ Safari)- “Brian Wilson’s falsetto is untouchable and this song in its simplicity is one of the best demonstrations of his amazing vocalizations. Just how he pushed through the notes almost like from underwater is awe inspiring. The chugging guitar adds to the concept of the album (surfing), which is much like the concepts we try to deliver, although replace surfing with radical leftist politics.”

3) Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs – “Wooly Bully” (from Wooly Bully) – “It’s just an awesome song, always uplifting, always brings the party. The B-side,’Juimenos (Lets Went)’ is even better. Sam the Sham was played to the band by Fish Wells, our musical guru, and we are still absorbing the implications of this music.”

4) Calle 13 – “Querido F.B.I.” (from Revolucionario Volumen UNO) – “‘Dear FBI,’ we like this song because we support Los Macheteros, and this song is the best song of this flavor since Paris came out with ‘Bush Killa’ in 1992. Raw energy, amazing beat, political without ruining the artistic aspects, amazing.”

5) Naomi Elizabeth – “Its Not Easy When You’re Me” (from Demo 2009)  – “Naomi is on to something. Great song, great idea, great art project that she has established. This song is funny as hell.”

(Stream the video in full here.)

Made In Mexico – Insound | Lala | iTunes


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