Rabid Rabbit

A few months ago, long before this blog existed, I got the chance to talk to Rabid Rabbit‘s drummer Mike Tsoulos for a story. When asked to describe their sound, he used the term “improvidoom.” Aside from being one of the greatest adjectives in metal’s vocabulary, it’s extremely accurate.

As made evident on their self-titled debut full-length, Rabid Rabbit know how to jam, improvise and produce a really impressive sound as a unit. But don’t confuse the term “jam” to be synonymous with a band like Phish or (God forbid) Dave Matthews Band. It just means that they can shoot from the hip, so to speak, and they’re damn good at it. Tsoulos, Andrea Jablonski, Arman Mabry and Gregg Prickett make up one of Chicago’s best metal bands.

Rabid Rabbit – “Ephedrine” (from Rabid Rabbit)

Although there’s currently no word on upcoming shows, it’s well worth it to head over to your local record store (I recommend this one) and picking up their album. Jablonski sent in this list on behalf of the group. With no offense to anyone we’ve profiled before, this is by far the heaviest list we’ve ever posted. Enjoy!

five tunes

1) Plastic People of the Universe – “Toxika” (from Egon Bondy’s Happy Hearts Club Banned) – “I like songs that sound like the inside of my head, especially when old Slavic freaks are still playing them.”

2) Harvey Milk – “Death Goes To The Winner” (from Life…The Best Game In Town) – “I am seriously in love with this band. It takes a lot for me to love anything. This is perfect music in my mind and I am glad they are back. An amazing mix of heavy and notand because I AM SO SO SO OVER “DOOM” agro voxHarvey Milk is refreshing. Arman and I were trying to get them to come up for one of our metal shows at Hideout, but Subterranean got em!”

3) OFFONOFF – “Rabbit Punch” (from Clash) – “We just did our last show for the summer with Terrie Ex’s OFFONOFFit’s a good and to play with before going into the studioreally forces you to step up and bring it. Dudes were fearlessfearless! This ‘I do not give a shit I am going to play my ass off,’ not to be confused with ‘I look like I do not give a shit and I studied all the Ramones’ stage moves.’ No no no, these guys were the real deal. Crazy crazy crazyand it is dear to me that a song has the word Rabbit in it, cuz I was seriously punched in the stomach and it felt good.”

4) Arriver – “Slaughtering of The People of The Zone” (from Vanlandingham and Zone) – “MY FAVE LOCAL BAND EVER.”

5) Bjork – “Declare Independence” (from Volta) – “I still love her—not as much as Ozzy—he can do no wrong. But Bjork is good for rainy days and makes it okay to be a weird chick. This song (and the video) rule and are on the more bizarre, less sentimental pop crap she does. Good on you sistah.”

Rabid Rabbit – Reckless Records | iTunes


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  1. Hey, Bjork is coming, Is here > > > >

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