Dublin Duck Dispensary

dublinduckdispensaryOver a month ago, we had the pleasure of receiving a list from So Cow’s Brian Kelly, one of today’s greatest pop artists and songwriters. Shortly afterward, we received an e-mail from a friend of Brian’s, a guy named Bobby. Turns out Bobby records under the name Dublin Duck Dispensary.

The DDD sound (particularly on the Yykes Basket EP) incorporates plenty of fantastic elements—vocals that are buried in a layer of fuzz, driving acoustic guitars, synthesizers, accordion, xylophone, hand claps and an oddly folk music-oriented undertone. To say the least, it ain’t simple to describe or boil down to a genre. But given his eclectic grouping of sounds, it’s no surprise that he’s played shows with Ariel Pink, Wavves and HEALTH.

Dublin Duck Dispensary – “Toy Factory” (from Yykes Basket EP)

Bobby has been working on two albums, each to be released at some point this summer. You can download the Yykes Basket EP for free by clicking the link above. In the meantime, here are his five tunes.

five tunes

1) The Free Design – “Kites Are Fun” (from Kites Are Fun) – “No matter where/when I hear this song, it makes the clouds part and the sun shine, and then proceeds to summon a cool refreshing breeze to blow over my sweaty face and ruffle my hair a little. Everything about this is so simple and fluffy and light that it makes me feel like I’m being tricked and that it’s actually deep, dark and complex. But I really don’t think that it is. I’m just naturally suspicious.”

2) Animal Collective – “Grass” (from Feels) – “This is too perfect…it’s one of the most visual things I’ve ever heard…it’s like music plus one. It gives me hay fever, and a smile so big it’s sore.”

3) Bob Sinclar – “Love Generation” (from Western Dream) – “Earth is at its loveliest when it’s sunny and there’s a World Cup going on. Even if your home country isn’t involved, and even if you hate football, it seems to give everyone a super excited morale boost. And every song that I hear during the tournament instantly shrouds itself in nostalgia and anthemia and all sorts of good stuff. I think this song was around during the last one (2006), but it’s an amazing summer song whether it’s played over a sports montage or not. I feel like it’s every song I’ve ever written rolled into one.”

4) Grand Pocket Orchestra – “Ballet Shoes” (from Make Happy War) – “‘The Polyphonic Spree’ is the best band name ever, but ‘Grand Pocket Orchestra’ may well be runner-up. I don’t know what this song is about (ballet shoes? black stuff? backstroke? coming alive? cum in your eyes? the paper coming? papercuts? eating breakfast? sweaty hands? coriander soup?), but it’s so dang catchy that I just have to assume that I relate to it in every way.”

5) Thailand – “Patrik Sjöberg” – “An instrumental named after a Swedish high jumper? Yuss plz! And it’s a masterpiece! It sounds almost beyond composition. My favorite bit is probably the bicycle bell break. It’s so frantic…I’ve been using this song as caffeine for three or four years by now.”

Dublin Duck Dispensary Rack And Ruin Records


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