Jacuzzi Boys

The cryptic side of lo-fi rock music is so underrated. The music is great, for sure, but the entire genre is overrun with songs that don’t succeed unless the volume is way up. It’s impossible to listen to a lot of that stuff at a low volume and have it achieve the same effect. But that’s not the case with the new single by the Jacuzzi Boys, “The Countess.” The song is a cryptic masterpiece.

It’s subdued, semi-psychedelic and sounds like Black Lips’ favorite Jacques Dutronc. It doesn’t rely so heavily on the fuzzthis song is all about mood. But even when their sound is more aggressive, the Miami trio can run with the best of them (read: King Khan).

Jacuzzi Boys – “The Countess”

Gabriel, Danny and Diego will be touring this August with Woven Bones (who they split “The Countess” record with) in support of their upcoming LP, No Seasons. Here are their five.

five tunes

1) King Tuff – “Freak When I’m Dead” (from Was Dead) – “We’ve pretty much been playin’ the King Tuff record non-stop since we got it a few months back…but it’s sounding better than ever now! Killer summertime tunes! It was hard to single out a specific track but man, ‘Freak When I’m Dead?’ Perfect track with killer lyrics! ‘When you bury my body / Make sure I’m wearin’ all of my rings.’ So good!”

2) Dino Felipe – “Stuck On You” (from No Fun Demo) – “This is a friend of ours down here in Miami. He’s been putting out records for a long time and always puts on a great show! We always tell him we’re gonna cover this song and he gets really excited, just as long as we get all the lyrics right…haha. Hopefully we get around to it soon.”

3) Witch – “Like A Chicken” – “I honestly don’t know too much about this band…we play their Lazy Bones album in the car and stuff, but this one isn’t on there. It just has a killer groove and a great chorus.”

4) The Beatles – “Dig It” (from Let It Be) – “For some reason I’ve been really into this song lately. It’s on the A-side of Let It Be and only like 45 seconds long but it’s such a cool sound. You can find a YouTube clip of them jamming on this for a long time and it looks like they’re having a blast! I’m pretty sure the album version is just an edit from this jam.”

5) Kurt Vile – “Freeway” (from Constant Hitmaker) – “I think it’s pretty safe to say I dig all his records but ‘Freeway’ was the first track I heard of his and I was immediately hooked. Y’know, Miami is a city in which you do a whole lot of driving and this song always sounds great with the windows down. I think it’s gonna be our summer anthem!”

Jacuzzi Boys – Insound


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