Hunx And His Punx

hunxEver wonder what it would be like to live in a world where the crooners of those “teenager car crash” bubblegum songs of the ’60s got more straightforward about their promiscuous intentions? Stop imagining what it would be like right now. Meet Hunx And His Punx.

Hunx And His Punx achieve exactly what the Ramones did in songs like “You’re Gonna Kill That Girl” and “Glad To See You Go.” Call it punk, but these are pop songs. Sure, they aren’t so much about heartbreak. For Hunx, they’re about what he wants tonight. In the case of “Hey Rocky,” it’s a man.

Hunx And His Punx – “Hey Rocky”

This band evokes the most sexual, glittery images with their music: man chests, red lips, dancing with a stranger, drinking way too much and pushing someone to get what you want.

Hunx, Erin Emslie, Justin Champlin, Ian Baldridge and David Scharf have singles coming out this month and a full-length album out in the fall. Here’s a list from Hunx himself.

five tunes

1) Pylon – “Feast On My Heart” (from Gyrate Plus) – “I love this one so much! It’s like B-52s with a bit of Frumpies or Nina Hagen or Lydia Lunch thrown in. Super punk! I would kill to get in a time machine to Athens in the early 80s and see B-52s and Pylon at a house party.”

2) Ryan Paris – “La Dolce Vita” (from Dolce Vita EP) – “This song NEVER gets old to me. It never ever stops making me happy. When the little Do-Do-Do-Do-Da-Da synth line comes in, I get like a huge smile every time. Who knows WHAT he’s talking about!”

3) Altered Images – “I Could Be Happy” (from Pinky Blue) – “Every time I hear this song, I wish I was a girl dancing at a nightclub with teased hair and an inappropriate outfit in the 1980s. I can just HEAR hairspray cans going insane and picture teen girls all over getting ready to go out, playing this song on their boomboxes.”

4) Lio – “Banana Split” – “SERIOUSLY I DON’T THINK A BETTER POP SONG EXISTS!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! If you really wanna experience Lio, check out the video for this song. She’s 17 and dancing around on a giant banana split. Ba na na na!”

5) Brilliant Colors – “Should I Tell You” – “One of my current favorite San Francisco bands. They sound like an ’80s British girl pop band like Dolly Mixture, Shop Assistants, Marine Girls, etc., but they’re California girls! This song is so sweet and perfect.”

Hunx And His Punx – Other Music | Insound


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