Mika Miko

This band has it down. A few power chords, a fairly repetitive hook, loud, fast and tough as hell. But that’s not all you’ll get from Mika Miko.

On top of the straight-ahead punk attack that well could’ve resonated off of the piss-covered walls of CBGB’s, add a few layers of fuzz that could’ve hopped off of a Hasil Adkins record. And the vocals are ferocious. It’s exactly the kind of music that would be perfect to see live. Energetic, raw and ready to push you against the wall.

What’s more, their music doesn’t fall prey to the lazier aspects of punk. It doesn’t rely solely on attitude, screaming or shock value. These are truly talented musicians with an amazing wealth of material. You can’t say the same for a good portion of the artists that pop up on their Pandora station.

Mika Miko – “I Got A Lot (New New New)” (from We Be Xuxa)

If you get a chance to see them here in Chicago at the Beat Kitchen on June 22 with The Strange Boys, Ty Segall and Boystown, do so. Here’s a list from Mika Miko, easily one of L.A.’s finest.

five tunes

1) Nice Face – “Beater” (from Can I Fuck It?)- “This song has a wild, demented synth solo that makes me want to explode. I am obsessed with the Can I Fuck It? tape this song is on.” – Michelle Suarez

2) The Byrds – “Have You Seen Her Face” (from Younger Than Yesterday)- “I really want to learn how to play this on guitar.” – Jessie Clavin

3) Skrewdriver – “Government Action” (from All Skrewed Up) – “Because it’s, like, the funniest song ever.” – Seth Densham

4) Michelle Pfeiffer – “Cool Rider” (from Grease 2) – “Because it’s the best.” – Jennifer Clavin

5) Zelia Barbosa – “Funeral Do Lavrador” (from Brazil: Songs of Protest) – “I like to hear it many times.” – Jenna Thornhill

Mika Miko – iTunes | Other Music | Insound

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