France Has The Bomb

Minneapolis is the best weird city to give life to music. The Twin Cities have been the home to Atmosphere, Prince, Husker Du, The Replacements, The Time, The Jayhawks and Tapes ‘n Tapes, to name a few. It’s fitting that it’s the hometown of France Has The Bomb, a rock ‘n’ roll outfit that can groove with the best of them (the best of them, of course, being Morris Day and The Time).

Srini, David, Danny and Hideo have a sound that’s polished, but it snarls its upper lip while it shows off its musical finesse. It’s a sound that’s hard to get enough of, especially since they don’t have many releases out currently. That should change soon, however, since they’re planning on recording a new LP next month.

France Has The Bomb – “Invisible Angle”

France Has The Bomb will be here in Chicago on June 27 at The Hideout with Gay Baby and Mother of Tears. That show will be a release party for a split they have coming out on Shitsandwich Records. Here are the five picks from the boys.

five tunes

1) The Marked Men – “Ditch” (from Ghosts) – “Their songs sounds simple, but they’re so complicated. Any of the songs on their new record is better than most other bands’ best song.” – Hideo

2) The Goodnight Loving – “Drag” (from The Goodnight Loving) – “Rock ‘n’ roll with outstanding vocals plus country twang equals awww yeahhh.” – Danny

3) The Box Elders – “Hole In My Head” – “Hole In My Head” is to 2009 as “Head Like a Hole” was to 1991. – David

4) Simon & Garfunkel – “Blessed” (from Sounds of Silence) – “As intense of a psych-folk song as anything in the Velvet Underground catalog. It always makes me stop what I’m doing when it comes on. Probably shouldn’t listen to this one in the car.” – Srini

5) Thee Oh Sees – “Meat Step Lively” (from Help) – “This band can do no wrong right now. This one stands out because it has a flute solo.” – Srini

France Has The Bomb – HoZac Records | Insound


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