Sissy Wish

Siri Wålberg is an anomaly. Sure, she creates indie-pop, but it’s unlike anything out there. It’s atmospheric and dreamy like something from an ambient artist or Wayne Coyne, but there’s more to it than that. Honestly, what’s so incredible about Sissy Wish is how Wålberg makes her sound so distinctively her own.

Clearly, her music rests on the foundation of the pop artists and electronic masterminds of yesteryear, but the sound on her album Beauties Never Die (which was finally released this spring in the U.S.) belongs to no one else. Her voice invokes wistfulness, but it couldn’t be more sincere.

Sissy Wish – “Float” (from Beauties Never Die)

Siri sent along these five songs that she draws inspiration from. These are some of the songs that serve as the roots for Wålberg’s music. Mix in Siri’s voice and experiences and you’ve got Sissy Wish. It’s beautiful stuff.

five tunes

1) bob hund – “Ett Fall Och En Lösning” (from 10 år bakåt & 100 år framåt) – “Their sound doesn’t remind me of anything else, and they simply just have a really good taste in making straight to it popish music. Guitar solos are usually a pain in the ass, but this one I really love.”

2) Sonic Youth – “Sugar Kane” (from Dirty) – “Just catchy, one of my favorite Sonic Youth songs. Like how they put the song together and when they fuzz up their guitars.”

3) Kraftwerk – “Trans-Europe Express” (from Trans-Europe Express) – “So simple, but yet so exciting. Old and futuristic at the same time. It kind of freaks me out, but yet in a good way. Just fascinates me.”

4) The Zombies – “Time Of The Season” (from Odessey & Oracle) – “Not so many songs from the ’60s on my cassette player anymore, but this song is still really appealing to me.”

5) Blood On The Wall – “Stoner Jam” (from Awesomer) – “Just love the dirty sound, the rigid riff from the guitar and drums combined with a slack vocal on top.”

Sissy Wish – iTunes | Lala | eMusic


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