The Gin Riots

There are two kinds of music that you hear at bars – the tacky, specifically made for bars kind of music (see awful cover bands and live band karaoke), and then there’s that special brand of music that would be excellent to get drunk to. No, not Dexy’s Midnight Runners or Men Without Hats.

It’s probably much more fun to get drunk at a bar while The Gin Riots are playing. The London band’s sound, as made evident in their single “The Polka,” is a bit spooky, smothered in those Britpop sensibilities and, dare I say it, quite well-rounded in the art of debauchery.

The Gin Riots are singer Guy Stevenson, guitarist Cillian Logue, drummer Jack McGruer and bassist Tim Burton (no, not that one). They’re currently working on a couple more songs to be released as singles. Otherwise, they’ll be hosting their Gin Palace Parties in South London, which Stevenson said includes, “Dancers of the naughty kind, bands, comedy acts, midgets and fire-breathers.” Sounds unreal.

The Gin Riots – “The Polka”

Guy Stevenson sent along these five songs he’s been digging lately.

five tunes

1) The Horrors – “Who Can Say” (from Primary Colours) – “It’s drawing me in. Didn’t rate them before.”

2) The Maccabees – “Love You Better” (from Wall Of Arms) – “Great voice.”

3) The Bicycle Thieves – “Open City” – “Great melodies.”

4) Iron & Wine – “Resurrection Fern” (from The Shepherd’s Dog) – “Just getting in to them.”

5) Bon Iver – “Skinny Love” (from For Emma, Forever Ago) – “Brilliant songwriter.”

The Gin Riots – iTunes | Lala


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