There aren’t a lot of bands that manage to pull off that spooky, bleak rock ‘n’ roll that has become so synonymous with Sonic Youth. But Disappears have got it down. That’s right, they’re absolutely worthy of that coveted comparison to Thurston Moore and the gang. It’s catchy, it drives along, but it’s subtly unsettling. There’s nothing monotone or boring about it. Their musicianship, while remaining consistent, sounds extremely dynamic. The guitars and bass on their single “Magics,” for example, sound simple, but in truth, they explore the best aspects of krautrock and new wave.

The Chicago band has had plenty of success this year. After being courted by a couple of labels and playing SXSW, the group is playing the Pitchfork Music Festival this July.

Disappears – “Magics”

Here’s the list from Brian Case (also of The Ponys, formerly of 90 Day Men) on behalf of Graeme Gibson, Jonathan van Herik and Damon Carruesco. We can all forgive Brian for adding a sixth song, can’t we?

five tunes

1) David Bowie – “Rebel Rebel” (from Diamond Dogs) – “Best guitar riff ever and it’s got lots of attitude, actually encapsulates of lot of great things Bowie does in one tiny package.”

2) Pharoah Sanders – “The Creator Has a Master Plan” (from Karma) – “This guy’s about a half hour long, so give yourself enough time to let it morph into its awesome free jazz middle before it settles back into the great melody line and title chant.”

3) Cass McCombs – “City of Brotherly Love” (from Prefection) – “I get a new favorite Cass McCombs song every week, but this one has been sticking around for a while. Great lyrics, especially the chorus.”

4) The Horrors – “Sea Within a Sea” (from Primary Colours) – “I loved these guys when they were more Cramps / Birthday Party, but this new My Bloody Valentine cum krautrock tune is blowing my mind. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if this is my favorite record this year.”

5) The Pretenders – “Show Me” (from Learning to Crawl) and “Talk of the Town” (from Pretenders II) – “I couldn’t decide, they are both so good. Even though they’ve sold millions, I feel The Pretenders don’t get the recognition they deserve. If you’re hanging with someone who calls them a punk band, you’ve met a friend for life.”

Disappears – Reckless Records | Insound


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