The Mojomatics

There are some songs that just make you want to put on a tough face while you sing along to them. Some make sense – “Breaking the Law” by Judas Priest, for example. Others achieve this goal through sheer force of rock ‘n’ roll. Namely, the latest single from The Mojomatics, “Don’t Believe Me When I’m High.”

To be fair, it’s a very different kind of tough guy face. It’s more of a greaser tough guy face as opposed to a bar fight tough guy face. That’s due largely in part to the surf-tastic guitar intro. And is there really anything tougher than someone who exclusively tells lies when they’re high? I didn’t think so.

It’s the type of song that one should expect from Mojomatt (Matteo Bordin) and Davmatic (Davide Zolli), a pair of fellas from Venice (the one in Italy). The duo will tour the States in the fall. They’re also readying a North American release.

The Mojomatics – “Don’t Believe Me When I’m High”

When they were done making a wonderful hybrid of garage, punk and surf music, the two found some time to send a list of five songs they’ve been enjoying lately.

five tunes

1) Death – “Politician In My Eyes” (from For The Whole World To See…) – “Our last tour cult band! Never ending sing along.”

2) Thelonius Monk – “Straight, No Chaser” (from Straight, No Chaser) – “We listened to it driving through Norway under a snowstorm. Shit big time!”

3) The Kinks – “Time Will Tell” (from The Great Lost Kinks Album) – “‘Cause The Kinks are the best band of all time…or were The Byrds?!”

4) Ultravox – “Young Savage” (from Ha!-Ha!-Ha!)- “‘Cause he thinks like a steel wall and stinks like a dance hall. Underrated punk anthem!”

5) John Coltrane – “Resolution” (from A Love Supreme) – “We stole a line for one of our own songs. Don’t tell nobody.”

The Mojomatics – iTunes | Lala | Insound


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